How Deep Can a Nightstand be? (Explanation of Nightstand Depth)

According to popular belief, a nightstand is a piece of furniture that is placed inside your bedroom, next to your bed. It is fully functional and allows you to place necessary items on it, such as a table lamp and a clock.

Just before going to bed, place your frequently used accessories on the nightstand.

You simply need to select the appropriate size for your preferred nightstand.

What is the maximum depth of a nightstand?

The ideal nightstand depth is 20 inches. This depth may differ depending on the height of your bed. For example, king-size beds require 35-40 inch deep nightstands, queen beds require 28-34 inch deep nightstands, and twin beds require 24-38 inch deep nightstands.

The nightstand, like the rest of the furniture, is an important piece of furniture. It frequently comes with one or more drawers, and in some cases, no drawers at all. Whether it has a drawer or not, the average height aka the depth of a nightstand is 20 inches.

Not all of the nightstands, however, are 20 inches deep. There are also different sizes! So, how would you go about balancing your bed’s size?

Here’s how it works:

King size beds

King size beds are quite tall. There are, however, lower king beds available. We recommend a nightstand 40 inches (or less) high beside a high king-size bed. This height can be adjusted as needed to maintain the balance between the bed and the nightstand.

Queen size beds

Queen size beds are lower in height. These can be up to 36 inches deep, and the ideal height for a nightstand is 28-34 inches.

Beds for twins

Twin beds are typically 25 inches tall, sometimes including the mattress and sometimes not. They can also be higher. The ideal size for your nightstand will be between 24-28 inches.

Most importantly, simply measure the height of your bed, including the mattress, and purchase the same size or an inch or two larger or smaller.

The nightstand’s purpose is to provide you with comfort while you sleep. The entire comfort here is disrupted if the nightstand is shorter than usual, or even if it is longer than the proper size.

You have to reach beyond your reach, stretch your arms, and the comfort is not what you feel here.

So, if you’re going to invest, make sure your nightstand is the right size.

What Are the Standard Dimensions and Sizes of a Nightstand?

A nightstand must be in perfect shape and size because it serves an important function among all other pieces of furniture. A square shape is the most appropriate and ideal shape for a nightstand. As previously stated, the average proper depth of a nightstand is 20 inches.

Because it is square, the width is also 20 inches, making the height and width dimensions equal. The height, on the other hand, can be as much as 28 inches long and as wide as 20 inches. That is entirely up to you and your decision.

Whatever size you choose, make sure the depth of the nightstand you get for your bedside matches the depth of your bed, i.e. the depths are balanced. You don’t want any unnecessary disruption to your comfort, believe me.

How Do You Make A Low-Cost Nightstand?

Making a nightstand is a simple and inexpensive project. What you can do is as follows:

You can repurpose an old tea table as a nightstand. This is a recycling project as well. You only need a table, an abrasive, and spray paint, liquid paint, or even varnish! Simply follow the steps below!

  • Choose an appropriate table with the proper height: Tea tables are frequently small tables. You can easily use one of them as a bedside table.
  • Smooth Any Rough Edges With An Abrasive: The table must be fine and smooth. You don’t want to experience any discomfort while using it.
  • After finishing the smoothing task, it’s time to color the table and place a lamp on it. If you want, you can spray paint or hand paint the table. Liquid varnish can also be used.

Just remember to let it completely dry before using it. After that, add a table lamp and an alarm clock! You’re ready to go!

This is a nightstand with no drawers. If you want to make drawers, you’ll need to purchase wood or similar material for your DIY nightstand. Making drawers, on the other hand, is not as simple as it appears.

There are dimensions. If one measurement is incorrect, the drawer will not fit and will look unappealing. So, it’s best not to sabotage the project by attempting something that appears difficult to you, because building drawers requires experience.

However, if you are considering hiring a professional, the situation is entirely different.

How Much Does a Nightstand Cost to Build?

If you recycle an old table and turn it into a bedside table, the cost is no more than $20. Because you already have a table, the only expanse is the subtotal of the paints and abrasives! There is no labor charge included!

If, on the other hand, you want to build a nightstand from scratch with drawers on your own, the cost should be no more than $500. If you hire a professional to do the work for you, the cost should be between $50 and $18,000! It is entirely dependent!

Commercial nightstands range in price from as little as 36$ to as much as 8,000$, depending on the quality.

How Should Deep Nightstand Drawers Be Arranged?

Deep nightstands are frequently equipped with drawers. Typically, there are three drawers. Sometimes there are two drawers, and in rare cases, there is only one drawer. Keeping the nightstand drawers organized is optional, but it is a ‘should do’ task.

You should stay organized, as should your home and all of its furnishings. Here’s how to organize deep nightstand drawers:

  • Make a list of the items you might require at night.
  • The list could include medicines, which are the most important of all concerns. Also included are the necessary keys, papers, refreshers, and so on.
  • Choose a drawer for your appropriate items and arrange them accordingly.

That’s all!

However, we recommend that the medications be kept in the first drawer. After all, medicines will be useful in the event of a medical emergency late at night. Inside the drawers, you can use store-bought plastic organizers all over.

These drawer organizers keep the drawers clean and organized.

Nightstands should be a regular and perfect size because it is a matter of comfort. You simply leave your belongings on the table before going to bed and retrieve them afterward. So, exercise extreme caution when determining the appropriate size of the nightstand.