About Us


Hi, I’m Posa! I have been in the home design field for decades. It was fun and through Reuplity, I would like to share my experience and knowledge with all my readers.

When I started studying home design, I was overwhelmed because there was so much information from different perspectives. After years of studying, I finally have my own point of view on a design.

I make my home a haven and a place of joy for the whole family. Learning and playing with children is fun.

Arranging the layout and type of furniture is also very relaxing to share with you.

I created Reuplitly as a simple source of information but according to my point of view. By sharing my knowledge and experience with you, I hope to help you in your home design.

If you are looking for tips and knowledge about home design and all that is related to them, Reuplitly can be a reference for you. Happy reading and if you find it useful, please share useful knowledge with others