How Many Nightstands Should You Have in Bedroom? (It Answered Now)

If you’re thinking about redecorating your bedroom, you’ve probably found yourself in a confusion about how many nightstands you’ll need to give your room a stunning makeover.

Then, without hesitation, you can read our article to help you decide how many nightstands you should have to completely change the look of your bedroom.

How many nightstands should you have in a bedroom?

No bedroom rule dictates the exact number of nightstands needed, but having two nightstands increases storage space and gives your bedroom a perfectly symmetrical design. You can choose similar or dissimilar nightstands depending on the layout of your bedroom.

Nightstands serve many functions and add a new dimension to the beauty of your bedroom.

However, many people don’t just keep the nightstand to add to the beauty of their bedroom. Some people use the nightstand to read books, complete office tasks, and so on.

In addition, most people use it as a form of storage to hold a water glass or a phone charger. As a result, before selecting nightstands, consider why you require a nightstand in the first place.

If you want to beautify your bedroom, I recommend that you purchase at least two nightstands to balance the design.

However, because it is your bedroom, you are not bound by my advice. Therefore, how many nightstands your bedroom requires is entirely up to you and your bedroom layout.

Is it better to have one or two nightstands?

It doesn’t matter if you have one or two nightstands. What matters is how many nightstands your bedroom layout allows for. If you have a large master bedroom, it could be one or two, or even five or six.

If you have to share your bed with someone, having two nightstands may be the best option so you don’t have to climb over your partner to get your charger or a glass of water.

However, if you sleep alone in your bed, you must consider the following decorating factors:

Symmetrical Layout

A bedroom with a perfectly symmetrical shape provides a pleasing visual experience. That is why it is critical to focus on creating a balanced design in your bedroom by placing one nightstand on each side of your bed.

By drawing a line in the middle of your bed and adjusting both sides of your bed, you can get the perfect measurement.

By adding two nightstands, you could achieve the ideal symmetrical layout for your bedroom.

Creating more space

It is critical to saving more space in your bedroom because it allows you to move around freely and creates an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

You must make more room in your bedroom, even if it means giving up your second nightstand.

Nightstands, on the other hand, can serve as storage. So, you can keep your belongings on the nightstand to free up more space. It frees up more space and allows you to move around more freely and stress-free.

Finally, adding a second nightstand will improve the symmetry of your bedroom’s design. However, if it takes up too much space in your bedroom, you should not buy it because you are the one who requires the most comfort in your bedroom.

Should my nightstands match, or can I have two different nightstands?

Before selecting nightstands for your bedroom, you should first research your bedroom style and design, and then choose the perfect nightstand for your bedroom.

If you require two nightstands for your bedroom, you should purchase them. However, there is a question that arises when selecting nightstands: Does the design have to be the same, or can different nightstands be chosen?

As previously stated, the solution is in the design of your bedroom. Depending on the design of your bedroom, you can choose identical or different nightstands.

If your bedroom can accommodate two nightstands of varying sizes, shapes, heights, colors, and so on, you should unquestionably go for it.

Remember that when it comes to bedroom design and composition, it is you who needs to feel the most at ease.

How can a bedroom with only one nightstand be balanced?

Are you wondering how to balance your bedroom with only one nightstand? You can balance your bedroom with just one nightstand if you follow our guidelines:

Choose from the bedroom sets:

Bedroom sets, which include only one nightstand and other furniture, are available at furniture stores. Companies create this type of collection so that you can balance your bedroom with fewer pieces of furniture.

The bedroom set includes a dresser, nightstand, bed, mirror, and numerous other pieces of furniture. To give it a more unique look, you can mix and match the style of the nightstand with the dresser, nightstand, and mirror. If you have a small bedroom, this set is ideal because it will not overcrowd your space with furniture.

You can purchase a bookshelf

A bookshelf can take the place of a nightstand. You can purchase a short bookshelf to store your books, pictures, hobby items, and so on, and it, along with the other nightstand, will add a lot of stability to your bedroom.

By utilizing a desk

You can purchase a desk for finishing office work or playing games, which you can use to balance your bedroom with just one nightstand. You can keep it on the opposite side of your bed as a storage space.

You can balance your bedroom with just one nightstand, but you should think of creative ways to make your bedroom more appealing.

Why are bedroom sets only sold with a single nightstand?

When shopping for bedroom sets, you may notice that the majority of them come with only one nightstand. There is no science behind these bedroom sets having only one nightstand, but there are a few reasons for this:

Continuing the tradition

The majority of furniture stores sell bedroom sets in the same way that they have for many years. Another piece of furniture is included with the bedroom set to make it more appealing to the customer’s eyes.

These bedroom sets are reasonably priced, and you can also get a single nightstand for your bedroom.

Most people, on the other hand, look for a second nightstand because the bedroom set only comes with one nightstand, which is why they may need to search for the perfect nightstand that goes with their bedroom set; this is where the salesperson has the opportunity to upsell them.

Constraints in smaller bedrooms

The majority of furniture companies design their bedrooms for people who live in small apartments or have small bedrooms.

Small bedrooms are ideal for bedroom sets because the furniture included in the sets is ideal for allowing you to breathe and move freely.

Also, because kids like to play in their rooms, you don’t want to overcrowd them with double nightstands.

Is a nightstand really necessary?

Yes! A nightstand is a must-have appliance if you want to make the best use of the available space in your room.

They make your bedroom more visually appealing and beautiful by giving it a symmetrical layout and balancing shape.

When you need to hurl yourself on the bed, they are fantastic for storing all of your electronic devices and cosmetics.

Is it possible for a nightstand to be higher or lower than a bed?

A nightstand should be slightly higher than or equal to the height of your bed. If your nightstand is too low or too high for your bed, the rest of your bedroom’s design will fall apart.

The nightstands for queen beds should be 20′′ wide and 20′′ deep in general.

However, if you have a smaller or larger bed, the nightstands must be the same size as your bed.

How should the top of a nightstand be decorated?

The nightstands are quite lovely, and they can help to improve the aesthetics of your room.

With a little effort, you can transform the top of a nightstand into a key ornamental component in your room.

Put a few of your favorite books on the nightstand and buy a lovely light to decorate it. Nothing else will make you feel more at ease.

What items should be kept on a nightstand?

On your nightstand, you can keep various items for bedtime.

The majority of nightstands contain a lamp that can be used for late-night reading. The nightstand also functions as a water holder, allowing you to keep your water glass on it and take a sip of water whenever you need it.

Those who like to be on their phones before going to bed can keep phone chargers on their nightstand, which will save them from having to look for chargers every time they need to charge their phones.