Is Aluminum Foil Safe At 450 Degrees? Simple Explanation

Aluminum Foil can handle temperature more than 450 degrees

You shouldn’t bake your bread any hotter than 1200 degrees Fahrenheit (660 degrees Celsius), which is the melting point of aluminum. Because a thin coating of aluminum oxide develops on the surface of the solid metal below that temperature, aluminum is generally corrosion resistant and non-reactive. You should be OK if you stay away from toxic … Read more

Does The Range Hood Use Electricity? Simple Explanation

range hood with lamp with power saving electricity

When operating, the fan generally consumes between 100 watts (low suction, low noise) and 200 watts (full power). A range hood for a private home use between 20 and 150 kWh/year. The efficiency rating is calculated based on one hour of operation and two hours of lighting per day. The daily energy consumption depends on … Read more

Which is easier? Cooking or baking? Read the Reason Here

cooking or baking is easier

Professionals tend to choose between baking and cooking and learn how to become an expert in one or the other. The question is, is baking more difficult than cooking? Can cooking become as difficult, if not more so, than baking? We are here to answer all your questions. Oftentimes, we bake the recipes we cook, … Read more

Does The Range Hood Need AFCI? Your Choice

kitchen wiring regulations

Yes, it should be in an AFCI. As of the 2014 NEC, all 15A and 20A 120V kitchen outlets (not just receptacles, but lights and fixtures as well) must be AFCI protected. Some range hoods need a separate circuit, but it depends on the model. If you read the instructions for the hood, you can … Read more

Does Cooker Hood Need Fused Spur? Good Advice Here

cooker hood fused spur location

If your range hood has a canopy, you can normally install the fused branch above a nearby cabinet and run the flexible cable into the hood via a little piece of pipe that is buried inside the wall from branch. Hidden connections wouldn’t be a problem, and then the isolation would be close, easy, and … Read more

Is A Kitchen Vent Necessary? Simple Advice for You

kitchen range hood with problematic vent flow

The kitchen is one place where gases, smoke, and smells tend to build up. In this area, kitchens need to have ventilation grilles that work with natural airflow and air from extraction ducts. In kitchens, smoke removal is an absolute must. As one of the places that make the most smoke, the place where we … Read more