Is bathroom water safe to drink? Quick Guide

Water is an important commodity in life. We cannot live without this substance. We are required to drink water every day to maintain the health of our bodies. Inside the house, water flows through pipes. Each pipe is used to drain water from the water source to the kitchen, bathroom, sink and so on.

Healthy water is water that is free from contamination by harmful substances. When at home and you feel thirsty, you don’t find the bottle of drinking water that is usually near you. You then look at the faucet and think “Is bathroom tap water safe to drink?”

Drinking water from the bathroom sink is not healthy for the body. You can drink it several times but not repeatedly, let alone every day. The water from the bathroom sink may contain lots of bacteria or other visible or invisible impurities. Water pipes also contain contaminants that may be harmful.

Each country has different regulations regarding clean water. In Canada and the United States, you may be able to drink water from the bathroom sink. This has been stated in the law states that drinking water must be clean and free from all contaminants and harmful substances. Most big cities already use potable water. This allows us to drink it. Here is the list of full country that NOT have clean tap water.

We usually use bathroom tap water to brush our teeth and wash our face after waking up. Try not to swallow. If swallowed, just a little, not much. As we know, water may contain harmful substances that can make the body sick.

bathroom tap water

Get Healthy Water

Boiling tap water is the simplest and fastest way to kill various microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and protozoa that can cause stomach upset.

If you have a container that is large enough to hold water, you can boil large amounts of water in one go and store it. This method will be more effective than having to boil water repeatedly.

Bathroom  and Kitchen Water

Even though they are taken from the same source, there are differences between them. The pipe that goes to the kitchen is different from the pipe that goes to the bathroom. Bathroom pipes will usually contain more lead due to the nature of what we do in the bathroom.

IF your tap water is cloudy or colored, it is better NOT to drink it, even you have boiled it. The cloudy or colored water is sign of contaminant. It is better to buy water from nearest supplier for your health.