How To Clean Throw Pillows (With No Zipper)?

Throw pillows, also known as toss pillows, are small, plush ornamental pillows that may either have a zipper or not. You have the choice of purchasing them with or without a zipper.

Toss pillows that have a cover that can be zipped up are, without a doubt, quite simple to clean. However, what about those toss pillows that do not have a zipper?

Therefore, when you are somebody who uses throw pillows that do not have a zipper, you will most likely be interested in learning how to maintain the throw pillows that do not have a zipper.

Let’s go into this subject more to uncover the answers, shall we?

How to Clean Throw Pillows (With No Zipper)?

To properly clean throw pillows that do not have a zipper, the first step is to use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt, fur, or hair that may be present. After that, if the sort of substance is unclear, a spot cleaning should be performed. In the event that spot cleaning does not remove stains effectively from throw pillows, the safest technique for cleaning throw pillows is to do it by hand.

Because of how often these decorative pillows are used and how easily they may get contaminated with things like dirt, dust, hairs, fungus, and so on. Therefore, it is vital to clean them regularly, and the task becomes much very important if your throw pillows do not have a zipper.

Because of this, a detailed walkthrough of the cleaning process for these toss pillows that do not have zippers has been provided for your convenience below.

Remove Dust, Fur, Hair:

When cleaning a throw pillow with a cover that cannot be removed, the very first thing to do is remove any dirt, dust, hair, or fur that may have collected on the pillow cover. Additionally, clearing the dirt, dust, and other debris from the throw pillows will prepare them for more in-depth cleaning.

Therefore, regardless of the material used for the decorative throw pillows, a vacuum cleaner should be used to remove the vast majority of the dust, dirt, hair, and dust mites from pillows. After you have finished vacuuming, use a moist sponge to gently wipe the throw pillows down.

Try It Out in One Area:

If you are unsure about the material or if the pillow is built of leather, you should begin the following phase of cleaning by testing a place to see whether it needs to be cleaned more broadly.

Make use of water at the typical room temperature and combine it with some gentle detergent. The next step is to choose a random corner of the cloth, pour some of the detergent combinations upon it, and then watch to see whether or not the fabric responds violently.

Proceed to the following step if no severe reaction or stain that has been left behind. However, if there is a severe response, you should switch to a different detergent.

Washing the Pillows by Hand:

The technique of cleaning throw pillows without zippers that is the safest and suggested is washing your throw pillows by hand. This is because hand-washing the throw pillows will not do any kind of harm to the pillows in any manner.

While you are washing your hands, get a bucket or just use the bathroom sink and pour it with lukewarm water until it is the appropriate temperature for the pillows. The next step is to combine one tablespoon of a mild detergent, upholstery shampoo, or cleaning while wearing gloves.

After going through that process, your pillows are scrubbed in the same manner as when you wash clothing.

When the pillows have been sufficiently cleaned, give them a last rinsing in some cold water to remove any trace of soap.

Put Away the Wet Pillows:

After giving the pillows a thorough washing, hang them in a cool, dry, and shaded area until they are totally devoid of moisture. However, you should never dry decorative pillows in the direct sunshine.

Sanitize and Deodorize:

It is not required to sterilize and deodorize the throw pillows that have been washed, but doing so makes the pillows feel new and ensures that they are clean.

A steam cleaner may be used to clean the pillows and then they can be dried in a shade or with the help of a fan.

Is it Possible to Clean Throw Pillows That Do Not Have a Removable Cover?

Throw pillows may be hand washed even if their covers are not detachable, and this is the procedure that yields the best results and poses the least risk when it comes to maintaining non-removable throw pillow covers.

The second method for cleaning toss pillows that do not have a zipper is to use a cleaning sponge; this method is quite effective for eliminating stains from the sort of toss pillows that do not have detachable covers.

If the cleaning instructions allow, toss pillows without a detachable cover may be machine-washed. However, you are required to use warm water, the delicate cycle of the washing machine, a very light detergent, and a machine that has an agitator.

How Should Decorative Throw Pillows Be Cleaned?

The detachable cover determines the kind of cleaning procedure that should be used on the cushion.

If the decorative pillows have covers that can be removed, then you may toss them in the washing machine whenever you choose. However, you should wash the pillow covers and pillowcases separately. Pretreatment with a sponge cleaning procedure is required to remove any stains before washing the pillows.

After that, you may clean the pillows by placing them in a front-loading washing machine, selecting the delicate cycle, and using a gentle detergent. And last, fluff them using a dryer that does not have any heat while they are drying in a warm place that has some shade.

Unless the throw pillows are detachable, hand-wash or sponge-clean them. Additionally, dry them in a warm place that is shaded.

How Do You Clean Non-Washable Decorative Throw Pillows?

There are two methods to clean throw pillows without detachable coverings.

The two different methods for cleaning this kind of toss pillow have each been broken down into their most essential steps for a more comprehensive explanation below.

Cleaning with a Sponge:

  • First, acquire a light upholstery shampoo that’s good for hand-shampooing with a sponge.
  • After that, combine the water and shampoo in a mixing bowl, and use a sponge to swirl the mixture until it becomes foamy and sudsy. Remove the sponge and wring it thoroughly so that there are no drippings.
  • After that, make use of the sponge to remove a sizeable portion of the foam, and after that, apply that foam in a circular manner on the cushion.
  • Apply gentle circular motions to every nook and cranny of your pillow, especially on each side of the seams.
  • After making sure that the pillow is completely free of dirt and debris, use a clean towel to blot the cushion to remove any lingering suds and moisture.
  • And as the last step, you’ll need to dry the cushion by laying it out on another clean, dry towel.

Dry cleaning:

  • Pour a dry-cleaning solution into a bucket, then dip a dry-cleaning sponge into the solution and wring away the excess.
  • Then, massage a moist sponge in a circular motion with a dry-cleaning solvent. Be sure to give the pillow’s folds, curves, and piping a careful and thorough cleaning.
  • After the cushion has been thoroughly washed, pat it dry with a clean towel before using it again. Dry the cushion till the dry cleaner is gone.
  • Wiping should always be done with a white microfiber cloth, and before applying any cleaning solution, a spot test should always be performed.

Can You Machine-Wash Couch Pillows That State Only Spot Clean?

Couch cushions that specify to only be spot cleaned cannot be machine washed. Because pillows that have a tag that says “spot clean” mean that you should only use an appropriate spot cleaner to remove any visible stains or dirt on the pillow.

And no dry cleaning, hand-washing, restoration, or wet cleaning may be done on the pillows since these cleaning processes might destroy them.

Can Pillows Be Dried Without Being Cleaned?

Cleaning and dry cleaning of throw pillows are acceptable if dry-cleaned by a professional or at home using precise processes.

In addition to that, there needs to be a tag that says “Do not wash; dry clean only.” Before drying pillows without washing, read the tag/instructions.

Can I wash decorative pillows in a washing machine?

If the cover of the throw pillow can be removed, then it is safe to say that you may wash the throw pillow in the washing machine. Additionally, cleaning throw pillows in a washing machine is only possible if the machine has a front-loading mechanism and a delicate cycle. This is the only way to clean throw pillows.

Is it possible to dry clean a decorative throw pillow?

You can dry clean pillows made of wool, silk, and down feathers. It’s because they are the fabrics that must be dry cleaned exclusively.

With the exception of these materials, the others, such as foam, may be washed by hand or in a machine, so they do not necessarily need to be dry cleaned.

How Much Does Dry Cleaning Throw Pillows Cost?

Throw pillows made of feathers will cost $8.75-$12.25 to clean, while pillows made of down feathers would cost $10.15-$14.21 to clean. It will take around $1.90 to $2.66 if you simply want to launder the detachable toss pillows.

Can Throw Pillows Be Cleaned at a Dry Cleaner?

Throw pillows may, of course, be cleaned by a professional dry cleaner. They are specialists, and it is their duty to clean non-removable bedding or bedding with “dry clean only” tags. That is why it is best to leave the cleaning of the toss pillows to the professionals.

Considerations and Conclusions:

Both the hand-washing approach, which is considered to be the safest option, as well as the sponge cleaning method may be used to clean throw pillows that do not have zippers. Cleaning decorative throw pillows may be accomplished with either the dry cleaning or sponge cleaning method, depending on your preference. Some toss pillows may be machine cleaned if the instructions allow.