Is Kitchen Backsplash Necessary? (The Facts)

modern white kitchen backsplash ideas

The kitchen is an area where we can find a lot of grease and water splashes. The wall behind the stove will easily get dirty, moldy, and may be damaged if you don’t have a kitchen backsplash.

The backsplash is the vertical part behind the countertop. The backsplash is like a shield that keeps your kitchen walls clean from splashes of oil, water, and other dirt. Backsplashes are usually made of durable and water-resistant materials. This makes it easier for you to clean it regularly.

This area should be properly sealed and perfectly protected. In addition to keeping the walls of the kitchen, they can beautify your kitchen. You can play with many designs and materials available in the market. You can make your kitchen one color or have several variations of vibrant colors.

If you are designing a house, it’s good to pay attention to your kitchen. A backsplash is generally placed permanently. So, you need to create a kitchen that is durable and looks beautiful.

A kitchen is a unit consisting of a dishwasher, a stove for cooking, and a preparation area. You will feel at home in the kitchen if they look beautiful. If you design a kitchen from scratch, you will get the best results.

Visitors who come may be inspired by your kitchen design.

Kitchen Backsplash Material

Many materials can be used for kitchen backsplash. Here’s the list:


Many people use ceramics for backsplashes. Kitchen ceramics are easy to find and come in many sizes and designs. In addition, ceramics are easier to install and do not require special craftsmen. Making a ceramic backsplash is quite cheap.


Granite is a good and modern material for backsplash materials. They look elegant but cost more than ordinary ceramics. The installation also requires a skilled craftsman. But once it’s installed, you’ll be surprised at the difference. In general, the quality of granite is above ceramic but the results will be worth the cost.


This material is easy to install. You can order sheet metal or buy ready-made according to your needs. Metal is easy to rust, especially if it is often exposed to water. For that, you have to provide an additional layer of paint to use as a backsplash.

Installation is fast because you need to bolt all the sides. Make sure it is installed perfectly and firmly. If you are creative, you can make a metal backsplash look classy.


Concrete is an expensive material for backsplashes. You must need separate planning because of the large costs and there should be no mistakes in the making. If it is finished, the concrete backsplash will last a long time. To beautify it, you can use outdoor paint.

Many use wood and wallpaper for the backsplash. But we don’t recommend it. Because these two materials can absorb dirt. In addition, the material is prone to fire. So, you have to be careful when choosing the best backsplash material for your kitchen.

No Backsplash Trend

Adding a backsplash to the kitchen is the choice of many people, but some people prefer to leave the wall behind the countertop as it is.

Exposed brick is a material used for kitchen walls. As we know, brick is a porous material. This means that they will absorb water, oil, and other contaminants so they will change color over time. Over time the brick will have many visual flaws. For some people, this visual deficiency can add to the kitchen’s characteristics.

The kitchen should have a clean area and a dirty area. The existence of a kitchen backsplash will make dirt accumulate under the backsplash. Dirt that accumulates will cause a foul odor, invite insects, and can be a place for disease to develop.

For that, always clean your kitchen regularly so that the kitchen looks clean. Having a clean kitchen will make us more excited to prepare food.