Why are Rocking Chairs so Expensive? How Much Does it Cost?

Rocking chairs are making a comeback, and you may be thinking about whether you should add one to your home. You may be surprised by the base price that comes with it. Although rocking chairs may be found for as little as $20, some are considered a premium item.

What reasons for the high cost of these rocking chairs? Let’s see what we can find out!

Why are rocking chairs so expensive? How much does it cost?

Rocking chairs come at an expensive price because of the many features, quality, materials, brand, and design available. Most rocking chairs are constructed from pricey materials such as hardwood. Rocking chairs range in price from $75 to $1,200. The most expensive ones may cost up to $4,500.

Why do rocking chairs cost so much?

Rocking chairs have several advantages and they are not limited to older people. Many people have this vintage piece of furniture in their homes. Let’s have a look at some of the key reasons behind their high price tags.

There have many applications:

Rocking chairs are suitable for people of all ages. They help you in relaxing and sleep better. It may also be used to help you improve your balance. They may also help with back pain and dementia. This is why they are so popular in nursery homes.

There are several benefits to rocking chairs, but none of them are free.


A lot of rocking chairs are constructed from wood. Because of its durability and beauty, wood furniture is frequently expensive. They can be passed down for many generations and are not easily destroyed. The most premium rocking chairs are made from solid hardwood.

Softwoods are less durable than hardwoods. That is the reason why they are less expensive.

Retail Prices and Brand Names:

Famous companies will you charge more. It is because they have spent many years establishing a reputation and maintaining a high level of quality. Professionally designed and handcrafted rocking chairs can be quite expensive.

What is the typical cost of a rocking chair?

A rocking chair may cost anywhere from $400 to $1,000. It depends on the type of rocking chair you choose. What is the material? Is there an armchair included? Is it vintage?

As previously stated, some materials, such as hardwood, might increase the cost of your rocking chair. Antique/vintage rocking chairs are also expensive because they are maintained for a long time and give your home a unique feel.

Outdoor rocking chairs are less expensive when compared with one that has an armchair or other special capability.

Portable or adjustable rocking chairs are available. The more functionality it has, the more expensive it will cost.

What are the prices of rocking chairs?

The price of a rocking chair is determined by its type. Outdoor rocking chairs are cheaper than wooden or glider rocking chairs.

Rocking chairs made from wood:

Hardwoods like oak and walnut are becoming rare. This is the primary reason why they cost more than woods like Cedar and Pine. Many people may find metal rocking chairs to be uncomfortable.

Rocking chairs with gliders:

These are the priciest option in the group. Glider rocking chairs with basic designs and simple finishes, such as natural, may be found for a low price.

Rocking chairs in white:

White is the most basic finish, and it is less expensive than the others. It’s a straightforward color. If it was upholstered, it may be quite expensive.

Rocking chair for babies:

With every single day, these rocking chairs become more popular and more expensive. They are expensive because they are specifically created to be secure for newborns.

Rocking chair made from cane:

Cane rocking chairs are quite cheap since they are vintage. They may be purchased for as little as $20. The Victorian antiques, on the other hand, maybe rather costly due to their exclusivity.

Rocking chair for the outdoors:

The simplest outdoor rocking chairs without armrests are the most affordable. They are not durable enough compared to others. Also, they are easily damaged.

Rocking chair for the nursery:

Baby chairs or nursery rocking chairs are the same things. They are intended to assist new parents in getting their newborns to sleep.

Rocking chair made of plywood:

Because of their sturdiness and endurance, plywood rocking chairs are more expensive than plastic ones.

Is there any value in rocking chairs?

Vintage rocking chairs are pricey because they are popular in the past as well. Many of them can be sold for thousands of dollars and more. Based on the condition and age of the chair, some of them are worth over $3,500.

Victorian rocking chairs range from $700 to $1,700. Unique designs are in high demand. From the 1880s until the 1920s, rocking chairs created by the L & J. G Stickley or Plail brothers are the most valuable. They easily sell for $4,000 fast.

There are many methods for determining rocking chair antiqueness. Mark or a label should be the first items you search for. That is a challenging task, but that is all you will need to determine the age of your rocking chair. The mark or label might be on the chair’s bottom or rear.

There are other options as well. One of them is hiring a professional antique appraiser. They know how to determine the true or projected worth of any furniture.

Is it true that rocking chairs are no longer fashionable?

This is not true entirely. In reality, rocking chairs are still fashionable. Although rocking chairs are labeled as old furniture, they have been making a return for a long time. Today, Antique or vintage furniture can be seen in both contemporary and retro homes.

They’re not only for the old people or nursing homes anymore. Rocking chairs are often connected with resting, and this applies to individuals of all ages.

There are newer and more contemporary versions of the rocking chairs available if you don’t like the old-fashioned ones.  Other chair styles have been included in its design, making it trendy and appealing.

What is the cost of shipping a rocking chair?

The cost of shipping a rocking chair or any other piece of furniture is determined by several factors, including:

  • Location and Traveling Distance
  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Dimensions
  • Carrier

Shipping inside the same coast will be less expensive than shipping across the nation. Shipping your rocking chair might cost anything from $75 to $800. Rates for shipping services vary as well. They place a greater priority on weight and volume.

Since they will check every inch and pound, make sure to supply accurate measurements. By correctly wrapping your rocking chair, you may save money on shipping. You won’t have to charge for extra wrapping services.

You may have to pay more if you want your item delivered sooner or with special care. If you want a preliminary idea of your costs, you may look up freight rates on different shipping websites and compare pricing at your convenience.

What is the cost of reupholstering a rocking chair?

The average cost of reupholstering a rocking chair is roughly $800. However, the cost might vary greatly, ranging from $100 to $5,000. Fabric for upholstery is not cheap. You should anticipate paying between $30 and $60 per yard. There are also labor costs.

Complex tasks demand more time; thus, professionals will charge you more. However, you should probably pay them between $50 and $200 per hour on average.

The dimensions of the rocking chair, the kind of fabric you select, and past repairs or stains are all variables that determine the cost of the process. Your rocking chair’s finish is also important.

How much does a rocking chair cost to make?

A rocking chair can cost anywhere from $50 to $6,500 to build. The kind of equipment used, the type of wood, the upholstery fabric, the style of finish, and the design are all factors that influence the price.

If you have the basic equipment, such as timber, wood glue, wood screws, paint, wood filler, and so on, a simple DIY project will not cost you much. However, this does not cover labor costs.

To make a piece of furniture precisely, years of knowledge are necessary. This is the reason why several pieces of furniture are more expensive than others. If this is your first time, you’ll need to prepare ahead and create a basic outline of anything you want.

If you don’t have the necessary equipment, it might be rather costly.

What is the cost of refinishing a rocking chair?

Refinishing a rocking chair might cost anything from $200 to $500. Since rocking chairs are more complicated than standard chairs, they cost more.

The entire cost of refinishing a rocking chair is affected by a combination of variables. Buying a new rocking chair rather than trying to refurbish one may be more cost-effective. Each rocking chair is unique in its manner, so it’s impossible to say how much labor it’ll take.

The kind of refinishing material you use also matters. The cost of special materials and colors tends to be higher. The service you select has the greatest impact on the total cost. Professionals and specialists often charge higher rates based on their expertise. Local businesses may charge less.

The age of the rocking chair is also important. Refinishing may take a longer time if there are several persistent stains.

Last Thoughts:

Furniture becomes expensive because it is designed to last a long time. Quality generally comes at a cost, and rocking chairs are no exception. Their unique style makes them expensive, in addition to making sleeping easier. There are also low-cost rocking chairs. Choose the one that best suits your needs.