Do Accent Chairs Need Pillows?

Pillows on chairs offer both an aesthetic and a practical element by making sitting on chairs more pleasant. People love to sit on cushions in any style of chair.

As a result, understanding such a thing may cause you to consider your home’s accent seats as well. And you may be wondering if accent chairs need pillow as well.

This issue, as well as the other frequently asked concerns about keeping pillows on chairs, will be covered in-depth in this post. So that you may maintain the necessity for accent chairs to have cushions.

Do Accent Chairs Need Pillows?

Accent chairs do not always need the use of cushions, particularly throw pillows. Throw pillows, on the other hand, are often utilized in modern-day décor since they offer an aesthetic mood to the complete decor of a place. Another thing they do is make it easier for people to sit in an accent chair.

Pillows (not the kind used for sleeping), often known as “throw pillows” for usage on chair seats, are not required for accent chairs. Throw pillows aren’t a must-have item, and they’re also not very practical.

On the other hand, people often use throw pillows as a decorative item on the seat of an accent chair. Because these pillows improve modern-day home décor by providing an appealing appearance to the space.

Furthermore, throw pillows serve a utilitarian role by making sitting on accent chairs more pleasant.

3 Reasons Why You Need an Accent Chair Pillow.

Three key arguments have been given in this part to demonstrate why you do need cushions for your accent chairs.


Pillows on accent chairs will surely give a pop of color to the sections of your house where they are positioned. Pillows will enhance the decor of any area, whether it is a living room, hallway, or bedroom.

In addition, the accent chair will bring aesthetic delight to your visitors’ eyes, making it a center point in the space.

So, home decorators usually suggest that you keep some throw cushions on your accent chair seats.

However, to better match the cushions, keep the style and decor of your space and the accent chair in mind.

For instance, if your living room is all white and blue, add some white and blue-patterned cushions to the accent chairs. It will improve the aesthetic appeal of the décor.


Throw cushions for accent chairs are needed to add a polished look to your home’s theme, as well as to add charm to the style of your home.

So, if you are decorating your house with a certain theme and have accent chairs that fit the theme, you should use pillows for accent chairs.

Assume you have a glam-themed room or home and have employed all the gorgeous and velvety accent seats. As a result, sequined or satin cushions will complete your glam-themed room or home by providing an attractive touch to the accent chairs.


The last and most significant factor is convenience. Accent chair pillows also serve this useful role. When cushions are placed on accent chairs, they make sitting on accent chairs more comfortable.

For example, if you’re sitting on accent chairs with cushions, they may support your arms. Other people in your house may want to place pillows behind their backs when sitting on accent chairs; the pillows will both support and soothe them.

What Pillow Size Is Best for An Accent Chair?

For accent chairs, two kinds of throw pillows are often used: lumbar pillows and square pillows. As a result, the typical size for both kinds of pillows differ.

The normal size of square throw pillows goes from 16″ x 16″ to 24″ x 24″. The usual size of the best-selling customizable throw cushion, on the other hand, is 18″ x 18″.

In addition, the usual size for lumbar pillows is 14″ by 22″. Lumbar pillows have different sizes, which makes them look different to visitors.

For accent chairs, some individuals like spherical ornamental cushions. To be clear, the regular round-shaped throw pillow size is 14″ in diameter.

Should Accent Chair Pillows Match?

Pillows on accent chairs do not necessarily have to match the accent chairs or the other pair of pillows on couches.

Because there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to matching pillows. Most importantly, pillows are a decorative component, so it’s always best to have a variety of accent chair cushions to create contrast with your entire area.

However, there are a few critical aspects to consider. Always select pillows that complement the design, concept, and color of the whole space, as well as the accent chairs. As a result, the pillows will also make the whole design look more polished and harmonious.

How Do You Match or Mix Accent Chair Throw Pillows?

This section gives you some useful and practical advice on how to mix and match throw pillows the right way.

Choose an anchor color

If your accent chair is a pop-up color, be sure to match or mix throw pillows in a manner that accentuates rather than overshadows the accent chair.

For instance, if the accent chair is a solid raspberry hue, pair it with a soft rose gold throw cushion. It will improve the room’s and accent chair’s cohesion.

Choose three colors.

By selecting three different colored pillows, you may match or mix the throw pillows on accent chairs. However, make sure that all three of the colors you’ve picked complement the color of the other components in your space, such as the curtain, carpeting, or upholstery color of your accent chair.

Patterns must be matched.

Pay attention to the mix and match patterns while mixing and matching throw pillows on accent chairs. Because it will enhance the aesthetic impact of the accent chair, making it more than just a focal point in your home.

Assume your living room has a graphic chevron pattern wall and neutral-colored accent chairs and other furnishings. Here, you may choose a flowery print throw cushion to stand out amid the other designs.

Select a Different Pattern Size

It’s vital to use varied pattern sizes when mixing and matching throw pillows on an accent chair so that the patterns don’t seem out of place.

So, on throw pillows, pick a lead design that is the biggest and most dominant pattern. Set the tone by using a medium-sized pattern, like a stripe, and a small pattern, as the third pattern. This will keep the look balanced.

Are throw pillows required?

Throw pillows aren’t strictly essential. They are just ornamental pillows that may improve the overall appearance of a room. Throw pillows offer splashes of color, patterns, and texture to a room’s design and elevate a piece of furniture to the center of attention.

Throw pillows are just an inexpensive and simple way to modify the design of a space. Throwing cushions on accent chairs, on the other hand, make the chairs more pleasant to sit on.

How Do You Choose the Color of a Throw Pillow?

The four basic methods for selecting a throw cushion color are outlined here.

Consistent color Scheme

You may choose throw cushion colors by sticking to a consistent color scheme. Choosing a color that goes with other things in your home, like the drapes or carpeting, is part of this.

colors that are solid and bold.

If you have patterned furniture upholstery and other items in your home, such as patterned drapes, use solid and brightly colored throw pillows to provide a lively and solid break in the patterns.

neutral in color.

If your space has a neutral color scheme, stick to neutral hues to keep the appearance consistent. Choose a warm and neutral hue for this, such as taupe, brown, or chocolate.

The Colors That Go Together

Choose complimentary hues if you’re keeping two-thirds of your cushions together. So that they can each stand out while still looking stunning together. Colors such as hot orange and chilly blue, for example, are complimentary.

How Many Throw Pillows Can You Have?

Most people believe that having more than three to six throw pillows is excessive. Because more than three to six throw pillows become extravagant and useless at this stage.

In addition, these many pillows will make the room look bigger and will overwhelm the patterns and textures of the main furniture.

As a result, there are far too many pillows for a single item of furniture, such as a couch or bed.

What Is the Best Throw Pillow Material?

Throw pillows are mostly filled with three sorts of fabrics, so there is no one ideal material. All three categories have been briefly detailed here.


The least costly filler choice is synthetic polyester filling. If you only want to use throw pillows for decoration, this is the ideal material to use.


Toss pillows packed with foam retain their form better than polyester or down. So, it’s the perfect material to choose if you want a filling that will keep the form of throw pillows better.


Down-filled throw pillows are more costly than polyester-filled toss pillows, but they are softer and stay longer. They are also more pleasant to use. So, if you want to experience all of these benefits and are willing to spend a little extra, this is the perfect material for you.

Throw pillows are only used for decoration; they are seldom utilized in everyday life. So, if you want to modify the design and add some additional tone and composition, throw pillows are an affordable decorative item that you may use.