Do Accent Chairs Have to Match?

Accent chairs are a kind of furniture that compliments the design of a living room, hallway, or bedroom by providing contrasting visual appeal. Most individuals, though, prefer to buy matching furnishings.

So, if you’re looking for a single accent chair, you may be unsure if you should acquire a matching one or an unmatched one. As a result, a common question may arise in your mind: do accent chairs have to match or not?

This article will talk about why and why not an accent chair should match your room’s decor and other furniture.

Do Accent Chairs Have to Match?

There are no restrictions stating that an accent chair must complement the décor and other furniture in terms of design, style, or color of any space. People who are not afraid to take risks, on the other hand, may match accent chairs to the room design, similar style, other furniture, comparable materials, or matching throw cushions.

Accent chairs are pieces of furniture that provide a splash of color to a dull living room, hallway, or bedroom. As a result, matching accent chairs to a room’s current décor, style, and furniture design or color is not required.

Also, mixing accent chairs with any space or furniture should be a pleasurable process rather than a difficult one.

However, not everyone wants to take chances when it comes to matching accent chairs. As a result, they are always permitted to use the surefire method of matching accent chairs by their identical design, color, style, and related textiles that mix with other furniture.

What Is the Best Way to Match Accent Chairs?

Some tips are provided below to assist you in exactly matching the accent chairs.

The area’s design

When matching accent chairs, consider the style of the location where the accent chairs will be kept.

For example, if you have a calm atmosphere in your living room, consider an accent chair that will offer you the same soothing vibe. If you aren’t sure, don’t mix and match because you might end up with an awkwardly matched accent chair for your living room.


The color of accent chairs is the next thing you should think about.

Color is a big deciding element when it comes to matching accent chairs since it makes them the ideal focal point of the room. If you want to have some fun with color in the space, use bright and contrasting hues.

If you can’t decide on colors, go with a hardwood hue that matches any other existing furniture color.


When coordinating accent chairs, you must pay close attention to the upholstery. Accent chairs must match the upholstery or other furniture because they add to the overall look of the room.

For example, if you have a velvety and hefty couch, you must balance it with an accent chair that is supple, smooth, and organic in appearance, with tapering legs.


Consider and contrast the form of the accent chairs with the rest of the room’s furnishings. Rather than matching the precise or repeated shapes of accent chairs with other furniture, attempt to find well-matched shaped accent chairs.


When coordinating accent chairs, keep purpose and practicality in mind. Because accent chairs that are artistically appropriate but lack utility are essentially worthless. So, keep in mind the goal, such as where you want to use it or what you want to use it for.

Is it OK to mix and match accent chairs?

It is very OK to combine accent chairs. Just make a note of the height, depth, and breadth of each accent chair before combining them. As a result, neither can overwhelm the other.

Two or more accent chairs of the same color, style, design, or form are not required. You can always combine them to liven up your interior design. However, you must follow a few principles while combining them.

To blend accent chairs, you must look for ones that are the same height, width, and depth. So, one should not seem excessively large or overly broad, which may overshadow another.

How Do You Combine Accent Chairs?

To assist you with mixing and matching accent chairs, several practical strategies for mixing and matching accent chairs have been presented below.


Before you mix and match accent chairs, think about the style of your home and the style of the other furniture in the room. This will help you get a better look when you mix and match them.

For instance, if the area has a modern feel, you might choose a contemporary-designed accent chair. Because a contemporary-style accent chair will offer a basic, elegant, but strong aesthetic to a modern-style space without really being a contemporary-style accent chair.


Colors are the most crucial factor to consider when mixing and matching accent chairs. Because the color of the accent chairs creates the most striking visual contrast in space,

Assume your living room has a brightly colored wall or a brightly colored couch set; in this case, you should mix and match accent chairs by selecting very mild and neutral-hued accent chairs.

A neutral-colored traditional wingback accent with tufted upholstery, for example, is an excellent option.


Different patterns play an important part in mixing and matching accent chairs. Because patterns, by giving the room a color scheme and a unique geometrical design, make the mismatched furniture look better.

For example, if your room’s walls and other furnishings are solid colors, consider vibrant and geometrical-patterned accent chairs. It will look good with the rest of the decor because the patterned accent chair will make the rest of the room look a little different.

Country Style

Consider various country-style accent chairs to mix and match accent chairs.

For example, if you have a modern-styled space, you may add a splash of color by including an antique-style accent chair. It will give you an antique artistic sense.

Is it necessary for accent chairs to match the sofa or couch?

Accent chairs do not have to be the same color as the sofa or couch. Because there are no hard and fast rules, you may simply match accent chairs to your home’s current sofa or couch.

However, there are certain principles you should follow to ensure that you get a put-together aesthetic while balancing the cohesion of the accent chairs and sofa/couch.

Even if you don’t match accent chairs, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The accent chair should be chosen in such a manner that it complements the general aesthetic of the space. It may also complement other pieces of furniture and provide an aesthetic interest in the area.

How Do You Combine Sofas and Accent Chairs?

Some practical ways to make your couch and accent chair work together have been shown and explained below. You can follow them.


The essential advice for matching sofas with accent chairs is to think about the difference between the couch set and the accent chair. Even though the couch is unique, it complements the accent chair extremely nicely.


The form of the couch must be compared to the shape of the accent chair because a duplicated or identically shaped couch and accent chair will seem unappealing. So, pair the couch with a unique but complementary accent chair form.


To complement the couch and accent chair, choose contrasting colors. Match a couch with a delicate and solid hue with a patterned and vibrant accent chair.


Consider the overall look of the space. If you have a glam-style accent chair, pair it with a statement piece of couch that complements the overall aesthetic of the space.

How Do I Select the Best Accent Chair?

There are several strategies for selecting an accent chair that is mentioned below.


Select an accent chair that is useful and will serve your goal of acquiring it.


Determine your home’s décor style before selecting an accent chair.

An antique or contemporary accent chair will complement modern-style home decor. It would be a mix-and-match look.


Take into account the color of your space and other furnishings. Choose a bold and colorful accent chair to go with a simple wall and other things that aren’t very interesting.


Compare the size of accent chairs to the size of other furnishings. Selecting an accent chair that is too large or too small may result in an odd appearance.

Is it possible to have two different accent chairs in the living room?

You may certainly have two distinct accent chairs in your living room. It will enhance the overall appearance of the area by generating contrast and a focal point in the room.

However, when you decide to have two separate accent chairs, you must take note of the measurements of each accent chair, such as their height, depth, and width. So that one chair doesn’t overpower the other and keep the look balanced.

Where Should You Put an Accent Chair in Your Living Room?

Some of the best locations to put accent chairs in your living room are listed below.

  • next to a coffee table.
  • It may be used with a matching ottoman.
  • During the winter, position it directly next to your home’s fireplace.
  • Vertically to a couch/sofa
  • In a nook
  • It’s a bit far from a loveseat.
  • In an unoccupied part of your bedroom

Accent chairs are complementary pieces of furniture that primarily add aesthetic appeal to a space; therefore, matching accent chairs is not necessary. If you want to be safe, match accent chairs to your home’s design, decorating, color, and so on.