Why Is My Sunbeam Heating Blanket Blinking?

If you’re into technology and want to keep up with the times, you’ll need electrical heating when the cold winter months come. When it comes to using the latest technology to keep everyone warm, there is no better choice than sunbeam heating blankets.

You may have observed, however, that these blankets eventually become unusable. There are many valid explanations for this.

Why is my sunbeam heating blanket blinking?

The sunbeam heating blanket may be flashing for a variety of reasons. Usually, when there is a problem with the controls or connections, the blanket will blink. Heating wires, faulty connections, and power supply problems are all possible causes of blinking.

Internal problem:

If a sunbeam heating blanket becomes red, this means that there are problems with the wiring inside.

There are cables within that might be used to heat the space. If these wires get too hot and break, the blinking light will probably be red.

An unconnected throw, on the other hand, will create the same blinking. You may have accidentally taken the throw away from the controller, which is why the blanket is blinking red.

F2 issue:

Your sunbeam heating blanket includes many flashing indications for each condition, therefore an F2 would appear on the screen if one of those lights was on.

If your sunbeam heating blanket shows an F2, you may have to presume that the controller and the blanket have some sort of connection.

Typically, the connection will get loose, and all you need to do is reconnect it correctly.

F1 error code:

Another problem code that the sunbeam heating blanket could display is f1.

This error number indicates that the connection between the heating pad and the plug is not secure. An f1 error notice will appear if the link between these two sites is lost.

FF error message:

This might be directly related to some pad damage. If you can’t detect any such damage, look for it in the power cable.


In such a situation, an F display would appear, suggesting that it is necessary to reset the device and wait 20 minutes before resuming it.

When your heated blanket blinks, what does it mean?

There are a few frequent reasons why the sunbeam heating blanket blinks, whether it’s red, F, or F2. Here are a few possible explanations:

Loose or wrong connections:

Any of the plugs and connections, as well as the heating pads and connectors, might be loose. If all of the connections are broken, the heating blanket won’t work anymore.

Wire heating problems:

Wire heating problems: If you don’t see any visible damage, you might want to look into internal wiring heating concerns.

Problems with the power supply:

Power outages are often the cause of the heating blanket blinking.

Wrong thermostat setting:

If you’ve set the thermostat incorrectly, your sunbeam heater will flash, indicating that you need to adjust it.

What can I do if my Sunbeam electric blanket starts blinking?

Although the electric heater may blink for a variety of reasons, there is a method for repairing one. Here are some easy actions to take:

Read the full message:

The first step is to analyze the flashing message. You’ll have to figure out what to do next based on the error notice.

A frequent cause is a heated blanket that flashes the F1 error message. In this scenario, all you have to do is double-check the plug connection.

Unplug the electric blanket and examine the controller:

Unplug the electric blanket and examine the controller: Check that the cable and module are properly attached.

Connect and reset:

You should then readjust the heating blanket.

You’ll need to make sure the power wire is plugged into an outlet for this to work. Remove the control part and unhook the pad’s power cable.

Check for loose connections:

Tighten each shaky connection as needed.

Do a folding test:

You’d need to do this if you have a blanket that blinks and one that doesn’t heat up enough.

One individual fold the blanket to find the control region during the folding test. Carefully attach the module and cable with a plastic clasp.

Connect the power cable to the socket at the same time.

Keep the switch on

Keep the switch turned on for around 5 minutes: Next, keep the switch turned on. In this case, the temperature you select is important, and it is advised that you set it to the maximum setting.

Search for expert

If the majority of these methods fail, it’s time to seek expert help. It’s also a good idea to go over the guidebook for potential answers.

What is the procedure for resetting my Sunbeam electric blanket?

Whatever method you choose to repair your Sunbeam electric blanket, you will need to reset it. Resetting your blanket is a straightforward process that requires no extra abilities.

You must first ensure that there are no loose connections between the control unit and the module. You may manually verify and repair the connection by plugging in the cable.

While resetting is as easy as flipping a switch on and off, bear in mind that according to why the blanket is flashing, you may need to do extra actions.

How do you put electric blankets to the test?

There are some problems with electric blankets. The blanket may not heat up effectively at times, or the blinking may continue without you detecting a significant variation in the temperature.

You’ll need to follow a few basic procedures to see if your electric blanket is operating correctly. The fold test of electric blankets is the test that is used to determine the outcome.

Is it possible to repair an electric blanket?

It is possible to repair an electric blanket. Heating blanket problems are typically caused by faulty connections, which may be rectified by anybody willing to try.

The methods for fixing your electric blanket may vary based on the message that is displayed. The electric blanket may sometimes be repaired as easily as resetting the blanket. You may need to reconnect the loose connections on other occasions.

When there are concerns like blankets not heating, you’ll need to check for loose connections and shut off the heating system. If everything else fails, seek advice from a specialist or the manufacturer.

How long does the sunbeam blanket take to warm up?

It may take up to 10 minutes for the heating pad to heat up. However, how long it takes to feel warm or how much heat someone feels depends on several things.

It may take 30 to 45 minutes to notice the heat when there are no insecure connections. When the blanket is bigger or the weather is colder than normal, you may start feeling the heat for roughly an hour.

If the heating hasn’t changed after around 20 minutes, you may want to inspect for inappropriate heat distribution. If the heat is still uneven or not heated enough, you may need to inspect for connections or do a fold test.


The sunbeam heating blanket could begin to fail for a variety of reasons, and the blinking lights might help you figure out why. The error code in the blink can tell you what type of issue you’re dealing with. Many problems may be resolved by resetting the heating blanket.