How Long & Tall Is a Paper Towel Roll?

Any home appliance should be purchased after careful consideration of its size and ease of use. Any home item comes in a variety of sizes. It is essential to choose the greatest and most practical size.

The most used product in the home is paper towels. This is why it’s crucial to understand the various dimensions of paper towels. The towel sizes are determined by the kind of paper towel as well as the size purchased.

However, most manufacturers use a measurement while creating paper towels.

How long & tall is a paper towel roll?

Paper towels are typically made in 11-inch-by-11-inch squares, and this has been the case since 2010. Though every manufacturing business uses the same dimension, some companies cut the towels into 11-by-5.5-inch portions to make them easier to split. The new dimensions are larger.

Medium-length paper towels are common. The towels are designed to be practical. Paper towels are a decent length at 11 inches, and they are also readily accessible for the user. The size of a paper towel varies depending on the brand and kind of paper towel.

How long is a paper towel roll?

A paper towel is about 11 inches tall. This is the standard size of paper towels. You’ll receive an 11-inch tall towel if you buy a regular-sized paper towel. However, its size varies due to the wide variety of towels available, which range from tiny to extra big.

Bigger paper towels are measured more than 11 inches in diameter; however, the size varies by manufacturer. However, the standard length of a paper towel is around 11 inches and does not change. Although smaller paper towels are available, the standard length remains 11 inches.

What is the height of a paper towel roll?

A standard paper towel roll is approximately 11 inches tall. Some of the extra big paper towels are longer than 11 inches, while some of the smaller towels are shorter. Tissue paper, on the other hand, is just around 3.7 inches wide and 0.3 feet long.

The dimensions are standard; however, the length of the roll varies depending on the manufacturer. However, most businesses want to keep the 11-inch length since it is the most practical and is often recognized by consumers.

Although a minor difference in size is not expected, it is acceptable.

What is the usual paper towel roll size?

Even though it might not seem like it, paper towels come with a standard length and size. The standard paper towel is 11 inches x 11 inches square. Longer or shorter towels are available from several manufacturers.

However, 11 inches is still the standard measurement for paper towels.

Paper towels measuring 11 inches × 5.5 inches may be found. This diameter is used to split the paper towel perforations conveniently. However, the most often used paper towel size is often a square 11 inches x 11 inches. This is the standard paper towel size.

What is a paper towel roll’s diameter?

The widths of a paper towel roll are generally consistent over time. The dimensions are normally for a paper towel that is 11 inches long. The towel width should be roughly 2 inches for an 11-inch paper towel.

Each paper towel sheet is about 0.015 inches thick.

There is an inside cardboard roll in every paper towel. The cardboard roll has a diameter of 1.5 inches. Almost all manufacturers stick to these standards. The dimensions and diameters are acceptable and are provided for the customers’ convenience.

However, the dimensions are changed to fit a bigger or smaller paper towel.

Varying brands of paper towels have different sizes

In terms of diameter, paper towels are typically the same size. The common size of paper rolls is maintained by most manufacturers. Paper towels are typically 11 inches × 11 inches in size. The sizes are comparable across brands and are in the same ballpark.

  • Paper towels from Bounty are about 11′′ × 5.9′′ in size.
  • Presto towels are comparable to the worldwide size of 11 inches x 6 inches;
  • Brawny paper towels are indeed the exact universal size. The towels are 11 inches x 11 inches square;
  • The Viva paper towels’ full-sized sheets measure 11 inches x 5.9 inches, which would be smaller than average.

What should you look for in a paper towel?

Purchasing paper towels isn’t difficult, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. When purchasing paper towels, there are a few apparent things to keep in mind. The towels are probably the thing in the house that gets used the most.

This is what you should be looking for when purchasing paper towels:

Count of plies:

The layers that make up the paper towel Two-ply is usually sufficient for everyday use.


The dimensions of the towel are important for the purpose and use of the paper towel. Paper towels in the A4 size are ideal for everyday usage.


Paper towels come in a variety of styles. Some are made of recycled paper, while others are made entirely of virgin paper. Some of the papers are recycled. You may choose one based on your preferences.


It’s also worth considering how you would like to fold the paper towel. You may get single-folded paper towels or multi-folded paper towels. This is determined by the size. So, purchase the paper towels that match your preferences.

More people use paper towels than any other home item. This is why, while purchasing paper towels, it is necessary to be a little picky.

On a roll of paper towels, how many sheets are there?

The number of sheets in a paper towel roll is determined by the roll’s size and kind of paper towel. The sheet counts have been printed on the paper towel packaging. There are about 44 sheets per roll in a two-ply paper towel package. Typically, this is what you’ll see on paper towels.

The sheet number varies depending on the brand and kind of paper towels used. In certain cases, the large packs include extra paper towels. For the comfort of the traveler, the travel-sized packs feature fewer sheets of towels.

The paper count of paper towels is determined by several factors.

What is the height of a Bounty paper towel roll?

One of the most well-known paper towel brands is Bounty. The quality of the well-known manufacturer of paper towels has stayed the same, and their design makes them easy to use around the house.

Bounty paper towel rolls are typically 14.84 inches in length.

Bounty paper towel rolls have an average diameter of 11 by 5.9 inches. This is one of their A4 paper towel rolls. However, the length is determined by the kind of paper towel roll purchased.

The paper towels in the king-sized packs are bigger, while the paper towels in the travel-sized packs are half the size of a standard paper towel.

What is the biggest Bounty paper towel size?

Bounty paper rolls provide a diverse selection of paper rolls in various sizes and diameters. The brand’s A-sized paper towels come in Jumbo rolls, which are the biggest size available.

Each towel in this pack measures about 20.71 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 15.53 inches high.

The usual dimension of the paper towel, however, is 11 inches × 5.9 inches, which is the worldwide size. When it comes to paper towels, they provide a broad choice of sizes. However, their Jumbo rolls are the biggest size paper towel available.


Paper towels are a must-have in every household. Also, the towel size is an important consideration. The paper towel is typically 11 inches x 11 inches square. The size of the towel varies depending on the brand or kind. However, 11 inches x 11 inches is the most widely used and effective size.