Do Daybeds Need Box Springs?

This piece of furniture can be used as both a sofa and a bed. The daybed is an important piece of furniture in your home. People who use day beds need both functionalities to operate correctly. Why not get one just in case? Let’s talk about it.

Do daybeds need box springs?

There is no need for box springs in daybeds since the bed frame is strong enough to sustain the whole construction. In addition to being used to store things, daybeds can also be used to make trundle beds that slide out of the bottom. That space will be taken up by a box spring, though.

Do day beds come with box springs?

Daybeds don’t have box springs because if they did, the whole point of daybeds would be ruined. Box springs use an excessive amount of space, which is unacceptable for those who own daybeds. Daybeds are often equipped with link springs rather than box springs.

When used in conjunction with the daybed frame, the link spring is capable of providing enough support. The grid-like structure is a good replacement for the box spring because it is attached to both sides of the daybed.

Why is a box spring not required for a daybed?


Another important use for daybeds is to store things. There are a lot of people who purchase daybeds and live in tiny apartments. As a consequence, they demand extra room from every source available.

However, when you’re using a box spring with the daybed, you probably aren’t going to use that extra space under the frame.


The space under the daybed may be used to store extra beds. There are usually trundle beds in daybeds that don’t have drawers. These beds can be tucked under the frame and can be used as extra beds. When the daybed is used, it saves time and energy.

And also, when you use that as a sofa, the trundle bed adds a little bit of extra help.

Twin bed with link springs

Almost all of the daybeds on the market are twin-sized and have link springs. Link springs are good enough for the daybeds. So, you don’t need to buy a separate box spring because the installed link springs are mostly strong.

The wooden beams:

Daybeds that don’t have link springs are still using wooden beams that are welded together with steel frames. After that, how good the daybed is will depend on what kind of wood it is made of. Some designs let you choose which wood beams you want to use in your home.

In this case, the link springs are not as flexible as they used to be but they will last.

Appropriate Support and Comfort:

Box springs can go with your open-framed daybed. You may avoid this problem by using it as a couch, but this raises the daybed’s height, which might be unpleasant.

So, if you buy an open-frame daybed, you should install slats to make it more stable and long-lasting.

Can a box spring be used on a daybed?

Certain daybeds, such as the Victorian and wrought iron models, include an open frame structure. Such daybeds may accommodate a box spring. When you utilize a box spring with these types of daybeds, you effectively eliminate storage and trundle bed choices.

Putting a box spring under the frame makes the daybed taller. As a result, if you plan to use the daybed as a couch, it may be difficult for children and even some adults to sit comfortably.

Box springs, on the other hand, will give your daybed frame support and rigidity, but they will also take up space and make your bed uncomfortable. Finding out what is most important to you might help you reach a decision.

What is a daybed link spring?

Links are used instead of box springs, and they keep the frame of a daybed stable. To make your bed more stable, it has links on both sides of the bed.

While box springs eliminate the daybed’s trundle and storage space, the link spring remains buried under the frame and performs its function.

For your daybed, a link spring may last years. Mesh wire and a stainless-steel frame are usually found with most link springs, and they usually go with them. To get all the features that come with daybeds, you don’t have to compromise on the link spring.

The mattress should be checked out first, and if there are no difficulties, the link spring should be checked out as a second option.

What exactly is a daybed suspension deck?

On a daybed, a suspension deck is a platform on which you put your mattress. There are a lot of daybeds that you can buy online that don’t have this built-in. If that’s the case, your daybed may need an additional suspension deck.

If you buy a daybed with a suspension deck, it’s usually made of beams. If it doesn’t come with the bed, you have to put it on the frame. The suspension deck usually doesn’t have a separate frame, but it can. There is no suspension deck on this daybed, so you can make it with wood slats instead.

You can also get a box spring. However, as already explained, this eliminates many of the daybed’s advantages.

How do suspension decks and link springs work for daybeds?


A daybed needs a suspension deck and a link spring for the same reasons. As a daybed platform, the suspension deck serves as a link spring that links the bottom section of the daybed to the higher portion without raising the mattress height.

The Frame:

Suspension decks may be constructed from a variety of materials, including wood, plywood, and steel. However, they are often constructed with steel supports on all four sides to sustain the mattress’s weight.

It is composed of mesh wire and is connected to the daybed’s sides for support.


The term “suspension deck” is used interchangeably by daybed vendors to refer to the area of the bed in which the mattress is located. Wooden slats can be used to support your daybed if it doesn’t have a suspension deck built-in.

A link spring, on the other hand, is meant to support the whole frame of the bed. That’s why so many people prefer it over box springs.


The suspension deck resembles a steel ladder, but with a considerably larger structure. You can easily put it together with the daybed. The link spring is different from the suspension deck because it has mesh wiring inside the steel frame.

The Spring Attachment:

The link spring frame has springs on all four sides for more flexibility, and the frame may be aligned with the daybed’s top piece to convert it to a twin-size bed.

When you put the mattress on the suspension deck, there are only steel beams to hold it in place.

Is a box spring required for a trundle daybed?

With a trundle daybed, you do not need a box spring since the frame itself offers sufficient support for the whole daybed.

This is a trundle daybed. It has wheels on it, and it goes under the daybed’s upper frame. If you utilize a box spring in conjunction with your daybed, there will be no room for the trundle.

For small spaces, trundle daybeds are the best choice. You may move the trundle bed anywhere you like when you have visitors over since it’s easy to unfold.

Make sure you have this type of daybed because it can be hidden under your daybed and it doesn’t take up extra space.

Trundle beds aren’t only for kids. Two people can sleep peacefully on a trundle bed that is 38 inches wide and 75 inches long.

What is the purpose of a box spring?

One of the most important advantages of using a box spring is that it gives your daybed more height while also absorbing any weight and pressure that you place on the mattress. However, not everyone will like the extra height.

If your daybed has an open frame, you can add box springs to it. Box springs are necessary for the stability and comfort of older-style daybeds without additional support, such as those with a typical wood frame.

Can a conventional mattress be used on a daybed?

You don’t have to worry about putting a normal mattress on the daybed because most of them are twin-sized. Daybeds are supported by link springs or wooden slats, so selecting a mattress must be the least concern.

If you want to use your daybed for many years, it is best to invest in a high-quality mattress from a reputable bedding shop. Consider warranties to avoid having to pay more money if anything goes wrong.

It is possible to play around with the bedding by acquiring additional pillows and bed coverings for when visitors come over.

To sum up, modern-day daybeds don’t need box springs because the bed itself is strong enough. In addition, if you purchase a box spring, it will take up storage and trundle space.