How Much Does a Dry & Wet Towel Weigh?

One of the most essential home items is a towel. To decide which one should be used, it is vital to know the difference in weight between a dry towel and a wet towel. This will help you know how and where to use hooks most effectively.

How much does a dry & wet towel weigh?

When a bath towel is completely dry, it weighs about 1.54 lb., and when it is wet, it weighs about 3.31 lb. Most of the towel’s weight comes from how long it is and how well it soaks up water. Towels that are longer and more absorbent will weigh more overall, with the longer towel also accumulating additional weight from its increased capacity to hold water.

Based on their sizes, towels can be put into three groups: small, medium, and large.

A small towel:

Small towels include washcloths, finger and hand towels. When dry, these usually weigh between 3 and 12 oz. Wet tiny towels often weigh 4 to 14 ounces, depending on their size.

Medium-sized towels:

Bath towels are in the group of medium towels. When dry, a bath towel weighs around 1 lb. and 8 oz. When wet, it weighs approximately 2 lb. But towels made of different materials may weigh differently.

Large towels:

Bath sheets are one type of large towel. When dry, they weigh about 2 pounds and 3 ounces, and when wet, they weigh about 3 to 4 pounds. If a bath sheet is thicker and can soak up more water, it will weigh more.

As we’ve already talked about, the different materials used to make towels can make them weigh more or less than expected. In addition, the observed towel weight may fluctuate according to the towel’s absorbency.

How to tell how heavy a towel is?

Following these procedures makes it simple to figure out how much a towel weighs if you know its GSM (grams per square meters) and its dimensions:

Find out how many GSM and how big the towel is:

Usually, a towel’s GSM is given. You may use a measuring tape to get an accurate reading on how big your towel is. This might not be necessary because the size of a towel can be given along with the GSM.

Making the appropriate conversions from length and width:

When sizes are given, they are usually given in inches. But the calculations need the sizes to be given in meters. So, the inches must be changed to meters in one easy step.

Simply divide the width and length measurements in inches by 39.37 to get the equivalent in millimeters. Do the same thing for the width to get the length in meters. As a result, measurements will be given in meters.

How to figure out how big the towel is:

To do this, just multiply the calculated length and width in meters. This will tell you how many square meters the towel is.

Getting what you want:

In the end, the towel’s weight may be calculated by multiplying the supplied or known GSM by the towel’s square meter surface area. So, it can be seen that the weight of a towel is equal to the product of the towel’s GSM and its surface area in meters.

What sizes are towels available in?

There are 5 different towel sizes. As a result, each of the five towel sizes has its unique name.


Most washcloths are 13′ by 13′, but others are closer to 12′ by 12′. People think it is the smallest towel out of all the others.

It’s easy to use them on the face and body because of their tiny size and square form, which makes them ideal for both.

Finger Towel:

Instead of being round, finger towels are rectangular and usually measure around 18 inches long by 11 inches broad, as opposed to washcloths. Finger towels, which are also called fingertip towels, are often used for decoration.

Also, because the towels are narrow, they are easy to use in small bathrooms. They can be rolled up or hung to look nice.

Hand Towels:

Hand towels are usually 16 by 28 inches and finger towels are usually 18 by 30 inches. Most of the time, hand towels are used to dry hands in the bathroom or kitchen.

In addition to providing more space for drying hands and faces, the bigger towel is foldable or hangable, making it a useful addition to any bathroom or powder room.

Bath towels:

For drying the whole body after a shower or bath, bath towels typically measure between 35′ by 60′ and 40′ by 70′.

Because of its small size, it is ideal for use with children and young people. Also, you can use the shorter bath towels to dry your hair, especially if it’s thick or long, and the longer ones to dry your body.

Bath Sheets:

The bath sheets, which are about 35′ by 60′ and 40′ by 70′, are the biggest towels. Bath sheets are like big bath towels, but they are usually more comfortable, fluffy, and good at soaking up water.

They are often placed in the master bathroom or larger bathrooms, and their purpose is to cover and dry the whole body.

Are wet towels heavier?

Yes, wet towels are heavier. When they are dry, towels don’t have any weight or mass besides their own. But when it gets wet or soaked, the water soaks up making the towel heavier.

The weight difference between a dry and wet towel might be little or considerable. This varies according to the towel’s thickness, absorbency, and length, all of which are related to the towel’s surface area.

Wet and dry towel weight differences increase linearly with the towel’s dimensions (absorbency, length, and surface area).

High-GSM towels are heavier while wet than when dry. A towel with a high GSM will soak up water better and be fluffier than one with a low GSM.

Can a wet towel hang on a Command hook?

Yes, a wet towel can be hung on a command hook. The command hook strips that are smaller are meant to hold around 4 pounds, while the bigger strips can hold approximately 16 pounds.

Assuming the wet towel is a regular bath towel, its weight will be about 2 pounds, which can be readily handled by a tiny strip of command hook.

Large command hook strips are recommended for hanging damp bath sheets. A wet bath sheet might weigh between 4 and 6 pounds.


Wet or dry, a towel can weigh between 3.3 and 1.5 pounds. But a lot of it depends on how well the material absorbs water and how big the towel is. Towels with a higher GSM, which are comfier, fluffier, and more absorbent, are heavier than towels with a lower GSM.