How to Make a Nightstand Taller? (Step-by-Step Instructions)

If you’ve recently upgraded your mattress, your old nightstand may no longer be compatible with your new bed size.

You’re probably having trouble reaching your accessories below your bed while laying down. It also looks out of place with your new bed size. As a result, you’re willing to make your nightstand taller.

How can a nightstand be made taller?

By adding an extra shelf on top of your nightstand, you can make it taller. It is necessary to remove the top, add an extra shelf, and then replace the original top. Alternatively, you can simply screw four wooden legs to the base of your nightstand and paint it with primer.

How do you make a nightstand taller?

You can raise the height of a nightstand at home by following simple instructions.

Materials required:

  • Tape measure
  • Electric drill machine with hacksaw hammer
  • Glue for wood
  • Paint
  • Primer
  • Nails
  • Contact paper

To raise the height of a nightstand, follow these seven simple steps:

Measuring the size:

Determine how much you want to raise your nightstand height to use comfortably or to align it with the size of your bed. A 6-10 inch raise is considered adequate for your DIY nightstand height raise. Take measurements of your nightstand’s length and width.

Remove the top:

Unscrew the nightstand’s top and remove it. The top and front of your furniture are typically more furnished and polished. As a result, keep it somewhere safe so you can reuse it on top after you’ve raised the height.

Top shelf construction:

Choose your design to shape the top shelf. You can design it as an ‘L’ or ‘U’ shape, or as a standard square shape, depending on whether you use it to store laptops, books, lamps, or coffee. Drill the boards and glue them together.

If you made it ‘U’ shaped, you now have a three-sided box or a vertically long box attached to a small horizontal box in the case of an ‘L’ shaped shelf.

Nail the shelves together:

Drill holes in the top of your nightstand and new shelf with the drilling machine. Apply wood glue to both beforehand to ensure they stick together. Screw the new frame to the top of the nightstand with nails.

Painting with primer:

Sealing the wood with primer is critical. Prime the entire shelf to give it a polished appearance. It also serves as a protective shield for your furniture.

You may use contact paper if you prefer. However, you will also need to prime it.

Addition of the first top:

Now take the first top. Apply wood glue to it as well as the shelf. Place the lid on the shelf with care so that they complement each other.

Apply consistent pressure and allow it to dry. If you’re comfortable screwing from an angle, drill the shelf and screw it off. Alternatively, drill and insert screws in an upright position.

Finishing paint:

Your new taller nightstand is nearly finished. To give it a professional, smooth appearance, paint it with a color that matches your bed or mattress. Allow it to dry overnight.

How can I make an IKEA MALM nightstand taller?

IKEA’s MALM nightstand can be made taller by attaching four new wooden legs of the desired height to the four corners of the nightstand. These legs are available at any local hardware store.

Turn the nightstand on its side. Drill the corners where the legs will be attached. Make certain that you drill in the center. Mark the center points of the legs with a pencil. And use the electric drilling machine to make holes.

Insert tee nuts into the nightstand’s drilled holes. Tap it gently with a hammer to ensure a tight fit.

Take, for example, hanger bolts, which have bolts on both ends. The drill holes’ length should be half the length of the hanger bolts. Hanger bolts should be inserted into the wooden legs.

Tuck the hanger bolts carefully into the tee nuts on each corner of the nightstand. Continue to tighten the bolts until they are securely fastened.

You can use the primer to paint the legs to match the color of your nightstand. Allow it to dry overnight.

Turn your nightstand over. Your nightstand is now complete.

How do you put legs on a nightstand?

Adding legs to a nightstand is a simple process. By following a few simple steps, you can add legs to your nightstand.

To add legs to a nightstand, follow these five simple steps:

Step one:

Collect or purchase wood pieces for your nightstand. You can buy them at any hardware store or make them yourself from large amounts of wood.

Step two:

Pre-drill the center of your wooden legs with a pencil. Check that the depth matches the length of the screws.

Step three:

Turn your nightstand on its side. Drill four holes in the nightstand’s four corners. On the drilled spot, tighten a mending plate or tee nut. Strike it hard with a hammer.

Step four:

Screw the two-ended bolts into the center of the four legs. Tuck in the screw on the nightstand base’s mending plates.

Step five:

Screw in the bolts and tighten them so that the legs are secure and can support the weight of the nightstand. Now, raise your nightstand. Check to see if the legs are even.

What’s the deal with nightstands being so short?


Nightstands are designed to serve a functional purpose while also maintaining the aesthetic of your bedroom.

Because of much thinner mattresses, traditional or old beds were not as tall as modern beds. So nightstands were designed to be shorter than the height of your bed, occupying less space in your bedroom while assisting you in keeping your important items close to your bed.

You’ve gradually upgraded your bed to a thicker, more comfortable mattress. As a result, the height of your bed eventually increased. So it’s best if you get a new nightstand or make it taller to match the size of your bed.

What is the ideal nightstand height?

When considering the average size of a bed or mattress, which is 25 inches, the proper height for a nightstand is 24-28 inches.

The height of your nightstand should be the same as the height of your mattress. This way, you can easily reach your necessary items such as books, laptops, spectacles, and coffee.

However, it is acceptable if your nightstand is 27 inches tall and your mattress is 25 inches tall because it is much easier to reach for items above than below while lying down.

A nightstand, on the other hand, does not have a specific height. Because its peak should match the size of your mattress for easy access to your belongings, always measure your mattress’s height from the floor before purchasing a nightstand. You can also mix and match the heights of two or more nightstands to create a unique and modern look.

Should nightstands be raised higher than the bed or mattress?

Nightstands can be a little higher than a bed or mattress. If your nightstand is 2-4′′ taller than your bed, you will be able to easily reach your coffee or book. However, if your nightstand is higher than that, you will have difficulties.

However, the best height for your nightstand is the same as the height of your bed or mattress. You’ll be fine as long as your nightstand is 2-4 inches taller than your mattress; however, nightstands that are shorter than your bed or mattress can be inconvenient.

On a nightstand, how tall should lamps be?

Lamps that are the same height as the nightstand are ideal. Even if the lamp is a couple of inches taller, it will still look fine.

If your nightstand is 24 inches tall, your lamp should be between 24-27 inches tall. That height should be sufficient to provide adequate lighting for reading or working. As a result, the light will not be reflected directly into your eyes.

Set your lamp’s switch near your bed to avoid having to get out of bed every time you want to turn it on or off. The switch’s most convenient length is around 21-28 inches, which is the same as the length of your arms.

Where should a lamp be placed on a nightstand?

Place the lamp against the wall on a nightstand, leaving room in front for small accessories. If you want to read a book or work, you can put it on the side next to the bed. You can also leave it on the other side and place your essential items closer to your bed.

Make sure your lamp is not too small or too large. A larger lamp will take up the majority of the space and make it appear stuffed. A medium-sized lamp will allow you to keep your essentials close at hand and organize your nightstand in style.

The nightstand is a small but necessary piece of furniture in your bedroom. If you choose the right nightstand for your bed’s shape and size, it will provide you with excellent functionality while also adding to its beauty.