Why Are Futons So Expensive?

You should know by now that futons are very popular and useful for daily use. So, it’s clear that all of these benefits can make you want or need to buy a futon.

But when you see how much they cost; you might wonder why they are so much more expensive than regular beds.

Why Are Futons So Expensive?

High-quality materials are used to make decent-quality branded futons, which is why futons are so expensive. There are a variety of futon frames to choose from as well as futon coverings and mattress toppers that add to the cost of a futon even more.

Only futons of high quality are very helpful. Because of this, branded futons that are made of latex, memory foam, innerspring, and pocket coils are very expensive.

The brand name is a big reason, and the quality of the material is another.

In addition, in order to make them more comfortable and maintain them properly, futons need additional accessories such as a futon cover, cushion, mattress topper, etc. And you have to buy these things with futons, so the price goes up automatically. But custom-made things cost more.

Futon frames are also available in a variety of materials and dimensions. As a result, the high price of futons may be attributed to this factor.

4 Things That Make Futons Expensive?

Most of the time, futons cost more than regular beds. These mattresses are more expensive for four main reasons. Below, I’ll explain each of these reasons in more detail.

Brand Name

There are a number of well-known companies that produce high-quality futons, and their reputations have grown through time. So, the futons they make are usually more expensive than those made by other companies. Because consumers already have faith in the brand, they wouldn’t give it a second thought before shelling out money for a futon with the company’s name.


A futon mattress is made from materials that aren’t too bad. This is yet another reason why futons cost so much. Futons cost more than regular beds because they are made with latex, memory foam, innerspring, and pocket coils. Because these materials make sure that the futon stays firm and lasts a long time.

Futon Frame

Futons are also known to be expensive because of their frames. There are different sizes and kinds of materials for futon frames. The price is also affected by these two things. Because a hardwood frame is more expensive than a metal frame for a large or tiny big/small futon, the overall cost of the futon will be more.

It’s also expensive because of how well it’s made. If it’s not well made, the frame of a futon can start to squeak after a while.

Futon Accessories

In order to make them as comfortable as possible, futons need extra bedding, such as a futon cover, a cushion, or a futon mattress topper. And you have to pay extra for these. Also, if you want accessories that are made just for you, they will cost more. So, eventually, the total cost will go up.

How much does it cost for a good futon?

It’s possible to get an excellent futon for over $1,000 if it’s composed of memory foam, has a wooden frame, and has a stylish cover.

But if you want good-quality futons that won’t break the bank and will last for years, you can buy them for an average of $500 to $700. Futons in the middle price range can also be great for daily use. The frames are made of wood or metal, and the mattresses are made of foam.

If you want to spend as little money as possible but still want a quality futon, then it’s going to be a very difficult requirement to meet. A nice futon may be had for as little as $250-$300 if you’re willing to look hard enough.

Do Futons Make Sense?

If you’re thinking about buying futons, you’re making a great choice. Futons will make every penny you spend on them worth it.

Futons are great for modern homes because they save a lot of space. Allows for more room to be used elsewhere. It can be folded up, so it can be used as both a sofa and a bed. It’s also convenient to be able to put it in a convenient location and then utilize it at night.

Futons can be made into beds quickly for guests. If you have an overnight visitor, you may quickly convert a futon into a bed by placing it on the floor.

Futons are also a great choice for kids’ rooms. In addition to the loft bed, a futon may be placed beneath it and used as a second sleeping or lounging space for your children.

Since futons are so light, they are easier to clean and take care of. You alone can disinfect them by exposing them to sunshine.

Another great thing about futons is that they can be moved around. So, if you go on a camping trip, you can tie up your futon and bring it with you so you can sleep comfortably. And it’s easy to move around in the backseat.

The last reason why futons are worth buying is that they are good for your health. Futons have a thick, firm surface that helps back muscles evenly.

Mostly, it keeps the back straight while you sleep. As well, the whole body should turn and twist in a natural way. Also, sleeping on futons helps back pain get better over time.

So, these important points show that futons are worth it.

Does a futon cost less than a bed?

Beds cost more than futons. A bed must always have a bed frame set on top of it. With futons, you can use a futon frame depending on the circumstances.

The bed needs a frame, which can cost extra depending on what it is made of. Even though futons don’t always need frames, you can sit or sleep on them on the floor. So, futons are a lot less expensive.

Additionally, since futons are thinner than traditional mattresses, they’re less expensive than hefty ones.

On top of that, most bed mattresses are made of expensive materials. But futons can also be made of organic cotton, which is a cheap material. So, it doesn’t cost much.

Can You Construct A Futon?

You can make your own futon if you want. A futon is easy to make, and anyone can do it. You just need two items, which are a dense and hard foam block as well as a mattress cover.

The mattress cover and foam block should be placed flat on the floor. But make sure the edges are nice and smooth.

Now, if you want more comfort, you can add a comforter or mattress topper. And with that, you have successfully completed the process of building your own futon. Enjoy!!

How do you turn a pallet into a futon?

Using pallets to make a futon is easier. A few basic steps are required if you want to create a queen-sized futon, and you’ll be done in no time.

Cut the trees down to the size you want.

Begin by measuring and cutting a piece of wood to fit your queen-sized futon mattress’ dimensions. For a complete 61″x48″ sofa-bed frame, cut the wood to each 48″x40″ size pallet for a 60″x80″ queen futon.

Put the parts back together

Join the wood planks together to create two 48″x40″ pallets.

It is time to join the pallets

Then put the pallets back on their feet. Take one whole 48″40″ pallet. The other pallet was cut in half (48″ x 21″) Then add them both together. Between the pallets, add two big hinges. Each hinge has one end on each pallet. And then connect a locking caster to the middle of each of the long sides and each corner. Also, give it legs and a handle. And you’ll get a 61″x48″ futon frame.

Set the bed up.

Place the queen futon mattress on top of the framework, and you’re finished building your own futon from pallets.

What Kind of Mattress Can I Use as A Futon?

Memory foam mattresses can be used as futon mattresses if you only want to use the futon as a bed. Because you can’t bend memory foam into a sofa.

Lay down cotton batting sheets to your desired size and tuft with upholstery needles and strong thread. And put it in an envelope. The futon mattress you’ve just made is ready to be utilized in your home. It can even be folded.

Is it good for you to sleep on a futon?

It’s really good for your health to sleep on a futon. Because the top of a futon is thick and hard. And sleeping on a firm surface helps the back muscles relax and stay in place. Also, they help keep the backbone straight while you sleep at night.

Also, let the body turn and twist on its own. Futon mattresses may also help alleviate some of the backaches you’re currently experiencing.

Can you use a futon as a bed?

There are several advantages to using a futon over a regular bed. In addition, a futon may serve as a mattress. As a matter of fact, futons are meant to be utilized on a regular basis. A futon mattress can be used on a bed frame or a futon frame. A futon may be set up right on the floor if you choose that option.

You can also use a futon sofa-bed as a bed. Just pull the front part of the seat forward and push the back part down to unlock it. After doing so, the futon will be in a position where it may be used as a bed for the night.

When it comes to futons, you can’t get around comfort, quality, and durability. And futons with all of these features tend to be more expensive.

Also, branded futons are thought to be more expensive because they are so popular. But because futons are good for so many things, even if they are expensive, they are worth it.