What to Put Between Two Accent Chairs?

Accent chairs are a kind of ornamental furniture that complements an area by creating a visual point that gives the visitor’s eyes a rest.

In general, others position one accent chair as the last element to complete an empty area, but when you place two accent chairs together, they might seem unfinished. So, to finish off that half-finished look, you need to think about what to put between two accent chairs.

As a result, this post is here to provide you with the precise solution you’re looking to have a polished appearance with two accent chairs together.

What to Put Between Two Accent Chairs?

Consider placing these pieces of furniture or decorative objects between two accent chairs to complete the area and create a completed look: a big ottoman, coffee table, small accent table, storage cabinet, floor lamp, bookshelf, entrance table, or a pathway, leaving empty floor space.

It’s reasonable that deciding what to place between two accent chairs might be challenging for you. So that the object does not seem to be drifting about the area indiscriminately.

As a result, to make the decision-making process easier for you, we’ve shown you how to get the best look with the materials above.

Ottoman, Large:

Placing a large-sized ottoman between two accent chairs is one of the best options since it can double as both a table and a footrest. A huge ottoman will also work well with accent chairs since it will draw the attention of your guests to the accent chairs.

If you want to add a little extra flair to your room’s décor, choose a velvety huge ottoman for a rich atmosphere.

An Accent Table for Small Spaces:

Small accent tables work best when placed between two accent chairs. To make your guests feel comfortable, you can put a small accent table with a lamp or vase of fresh flowers on top between two accent chairs.

Use a tiny pedestal accent table between the accent chairs to provide conversational space.

Coffee table:

Place a coffee table between two accent chairs that are facing one another in an uncomfortable region of your space. It will look more balanced and symmetrical if that decorated area has a use.

In addition, your friends and family will have a comfortable area to talk while sipping coffee.

The credenza (also known as a chest of drawers):

A pair of accent chairs might be placed around a storage cabinet or a small chest in your house. Then, instead of just putting a storage cabinet or chest against a wall, put two accent chairs next to it to make it look more interesting.

Because a storage cabinet or chest between two accent chairs will fill a void. You will also have simple access to the shop when taking stored items out.


Another excellent option is to place a bookshelf at arms’ length between a couple of accent chairs. It will easily establish a reading nook with your favorite books and will appear more like a tiny home library. You may draw attention to your collection by displaying it on the shelf.

A lamp for the floor:

Placing a floor light between two accent chairs would be an excellent approach to create a warm and welcome ambiance. Floor lamps don’t take up much space, so they’re ideal for a tiny or busy area since they don’t make the space seem more cramped.

What Is the Best Way to Decorate with Two Accent Chairs?

Accent chairs have an important part in improving the overall appearance of a space by drawing all attention to them. So, here’s a summary of some amazing ways to use them to decorate a room or space.

If you want to create a focal point in your living room, two statement accent chairs with a huge ottoman between them would be ideal because they will give the space a more dramatic appearance.

If you just want to be comfy while moving, use two swivel accent chairs with a floor light between them to adorn spaces such as a nook for holding talks or in front of a television set.

With two slipper accent chairs and a tiny coffee table or accent table between them, you may design a small space or an area where you can enjoy some fresh air.

If you want a natural design in your bedroom, use two-barrel accent chairs with a floor lamp between them and position them in a windowed area. It will make your bedroom into a cozy place to read while still looking good.

What Is the Best Table to Place Between Two Accent Chairs?

Small accent chairs, an end table (with or without storage), and a small coffee table are the most common tables that go between two accent chairs. A brief explanation of how or why they go between two accent chairs is provided below.

An Accent Table for Small Spaces:

A little accent table between two accent chairs works well because an accent table with accent chairs naturally produces the best statement appearance for your home. It will simply finish the overall look of your room by making the accent chairs the center of attention.

You can also place a fresh flower vase or a table lamp on it to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Coffee table:

A tiny coffee table placed between two accent chairs can transform an uncomfortable space into a warm and welcoming spot for discussion. A small coffee table will give an awkward place a symmetrical and balanced look.

The end table:

End tables or side tables are another kind of furniture that completes a sitting space. As a result, an end table may be placed between two accent chairs. If you want to create a reading or deep discussion environment for your friends and family, consider an end table with storage for magazines or books.

What Is the Name of the Table That Fits Between Two Chairs?

Accent tables, end tables, and coffee tables are the names given to tables that fit between two seats (because people are using coffee tables too now).

Accent tables, also known as console tables, are long and slender in design and have been designed to fit between two seats. They are placed between chairs to give a polished and raised home décor style. You can use them to store decorative items such as vases and small table lamps on them.

End tables are little tables that sit high on the arms of chairs. They are also placed next to bigger pieces of furniture or larger chairs. End tables are placed between them. They have two seats so that they can reach things with their arms.

By sitting between two seats, coffee tables fulfill two functions. It serves as both a stylish piece of furniture and a serving tray for coffee and snacks.

What is the ideal height for a table between two chairs?

A table’s normal size between two seats is 18–24 inches. If you can’t locate the normal size, choose the shorter size instead of the taller one. A shorter table than the typical size is less than 18 inches long.

But keep in mind that no matter what size table you choose, it must not be higher than the arm height of a chair. It’s also a good idea to choose a table that’s 3 inches shorter than the arms of the chairs.

What Should You Put on A Small Accent Table?

The following are some ideas for little accent tables.

  • A regular-sized flower vase filled with fresh flowers.
  • A shallow basket in which objects such as remotes, etc. are sorted.
  • Miniature showpiece
  • Table lights for small spaces
  • magazines or books.

What Can I Use Instead of Lamps on End Tables?

Instead of lighting, you may use a flower vase with fresh flowers, a picture frame, tiny plants, a small showcase, books, periodicals, and coasters.

Any of these would look great with an end table. A flower vase or a pair of little slacks will provide a fresh or greenery-laden atmosphere. A photo frame will offer a sense of personalization. The small piece of art will show off your love of collecting, and books or periodicals will make a great place to read.

Is it possible to put a coffee table in front of two chairs?

A coffee table can be placed in front of two seats. When two chairs are placed facing each other, a coffee table in front of them creates a cozy, warm, and inviting space.

And there, your friends and family members will feel welcome, as they will have a modest room in your house to converse with each other or enjoy some “me time” by sipping coffee or tea.

How Should a Floor Lamp be Placed Next to an Accent Chair?

It is very simple to place a floor lamp next to an accent chair. Just make sure that the top of the lampshade is at eye level so that light does not fall directly on the eyes, creating eye strain.

There are many ornamental and fictitious pieces of furniture that may be placed between a pair of accent chairs, such as ottomans, accent/end/coffee tables, floor lamps, and so on. Choose the one that best complements your home design.