What is the number one laundry detergent?

Tide is the most popular laundry detergent in the United States, and you can buy it at almost all of the big stores. Tests were done on Tide Original, a product for high-efficiency washers. Even though it wasn’t as popular as Persil, Persil was the first laundry detergent to mix bleach and detergent. The idea that Persil came up with was a big step forward. The name “Persil” comes from sodium perborate and silicate, two of the original ingredients. Persil has its own page on Wikipedia. You can find it at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persil. It was either as good as or better than it in every other stain-fighting test we did.

What washing detergent is better than Tide?

They say that Persil is the clear winner if “removing stains is very important.” In their tests, both Persil and Tide did better than well-known brands like Gain and Arm & Hammer. However, Persil was able to get rid of 2% more stains than Tide.

Do you think Tide is the best of the best?

Studies show that Tide cleans better than All and gets rid of stains and smells better.

Gain or Tide? Which is better?

Tide is known for how well it cleans, but Gain is known for how many great scents it has that last for a long time. Cleaning Capacity: In recent studies done by independent researchers, Tide did a better job of cleaning than Gain, but Gain is also very good.

Is Persil or Tide better?

Persil ProClean is the best cleaner for just about anything. Tests showed that Persil detergents got rid of 2% more stains than Tide detergents. Even though it’s a small amount, it adds up over time, which is how Persil beat the long-time favorite in the United States.

Which is better: detergent pods or liquid detergent?

The Good Things About Pods Jennifer Ahoni, Tide’s chief scientist, goes even further. She says that pods work better because they have more concentrated cleaning ingredients and are better calibrated.

Which is better: liquid detergent or powder detergent?

Liquid detergent is often better than powder detergent at getting stains and dirt out of clothes, no matter what temperature the water is. When used with cold water, powder detergent may not always dissolve, making it less effective at cleaning fabrics. LIQUID DOES WELL.

What detergent does LG recommend?

What is the best laundry detergent for LG washers? HE detergent is the best laundry detergent to use in LG front-load washers. HE front-load washers use less water and have a different way of tumbling clothes, so regular detergent won’t work with them.

What is the best detergent to use when washing clothes in cold water?

The Tide Coldwater Clean recipe worked better than the other two cold-water detergents we tried. It got rid of stains better than six other detergents and just as well as Wisk Deep Clean, which needed warm water to work.

What’s wrong with the smell of my clean clothes?

Over time, fabric softener or detergent residue can build up and clog up parts of your washer. This can be a good place for germs to grow and make your washer smell bad. By doing regular maintenance on your washing machine, you can fix this problem and start getting clothes that smell better.

How can I make my house smell like laundry detergent?

Put your sock bundles in strategic places around the house, like behind the couch, under cushions, or in the back of the closet. These small bags slowly let out their scent, filling your home with the delicious smell of clean clothes.

Why don’t my clothes that I just washed smell good?

Mold and mildew smell: Why does your dry laundry smell bad? If you take too long to move your clothes from the washer to the dryer, too much moisture may build up. If you don’t turn on the dryer and leave wet things in it for a long time, too much moisture can build up, which can lead to mold.

How can I make my clothes smell better when they come out of the dryer?

You don’t have to use dryer sheets to make your clothes smell nice. After wetting an old, clean sock and putting two drops of rose, lavender, or peppermint extract on it, toss it in the dryer with the rest of your clothes.

Why do the clothes I just washed still smell like urine?

If you put too much in your washing machine, leave dirty clothes in the hamper for too long before washing them, or use low-quality detergents, your clean clothes may smell. Clothes that have been sweating should be washed as soon as possible to get rid of the musty smell and stop bacteria from growing.

Which is better: Arm and Hammer or Tide?

Arm & Hammer wasn’t able to get the wine stain out as well as Tide did in the end. Getting rid of a soda stain that has only been there for a short time is much easier than getting rid of a red wine stain that has been there for an hour.

Do Tide PODS really cost as much as they do?

The best at getting rid of stains were Tide liquid and Tide pods. But what stood out the most was how clean these pods always were. Tide pods got rid of stains at about the same rate in all three tests (52.8%, 53.5%, and 54.2% of the stain remained).