How do you whiten greyed clothes?

White vinegar can be used to make your whites look brighter. To your egg whites, add a half cup of white vinegar. This might help get rid of the grey or yellow stains that are making your whites look dirty and bring back their original color. Use a half cup of oxygen bleach to do the same thing.

If you’re tired of good clothes and linens going to the trash because they turned gray when you expected them to be bright white, help is on the way.

Don’t give up if your white clothes come out of the wash looking gray, yellow, or dirty. Most of the time, poor washing methods cause white clothes to get dirty. You can keep your whites looking perfect by taking care of them and using the right chemicals to clean them. Sort your laundry into two piles: whites and colors. This will keep colored dyes from getting on your whites.

Use one cup of oxygen bleach or half a cup of distilled white vinegar to wash the whites. Because bleach and metal parts of the washing machine react chemically, fabrics that have been treated with chlorine bleach may look yellowed or dirty.