Do Duvet Covers Have Ties?

Duvets are already cozy, so they keep you warm on cold winter nights. Adding duvet covers doubles the comfort. But I’m not sure if it goes a step further by adding ties to the covers.

Ties are needed to keep clothes in one place and order. Also, duvet covers are made of fabric. Still, duvet covers don’t get too messy without ties.

Let’s take a closer look.

Do duvet covers have ties?

There are ties on the duvet covers. The ties are sometimes on the inside of the blankets and sometimes on the outside. That’s the difference. The use of duvet covers’ primary function is to ensure that the duvets remain contained inside the cover. Because duvet covers don’t have to be tied to keep them in place, these ties provide an additional degree of security.

Duvet covers have ties for more than one reason. Most of the time, ties are used to keep things in place. It’s the same with duvet covers. Also, they keep the cover inside in place and safe.

With ties, the covers stay tight within the blanket, which makes it even cozier. Since the cover stays inside the blanket, there’s no way to feel uncomfortable. Because of this, tying the duvets is the best method to get the most out of them.

Why do I have ties on my duvet cover?

The ties on your duvet covers give it a more structural look. That’s it? No, not at all. The ties have more importance for duvet covers because they serve more than one purpose, like making the bed more comfortable and keeping things in order.

The ties keep your duvet from escaping the cover, resulting in a tidy appearance. Imagine a bedroom with sloppy duvet covers and duvets that aren’t inside the covers. Don’t you ever want that? This is why there are ties on covers.

If you are the kind of person who sleeps in bed but wakes up on the floor, you need the ties on your duvet cover more than anyone else. Because it’s easy to move the duvets when you change where you sleep. But the ties stop that from happening.

What is the purpose of duvet cover ties?

Duvet cover ties keep the duvet from falling out of the cover by keeping it inside. With these ties, the cover stays within the right size. Because the duvet and cover are attached, the duvets can give a more comfortable night’s rest for their owners.

The ties on duvet covers work just like the ties on regular covers. Most of the time, the ties stay on the inside so they can keep blankets from falling out. Think of a present box without any ribbons attached to it. This is a strange and dangerous situation.

In the same way, the covers that don’t have ties aren’t safe.

Because the ties hold the duvet in place, moving the blanket is a breeze. So, it makes it easier for everyone to handle the duvet cover. The ties on the cover are useful.

But the ties on the duvet cover make it so that it doesn’t bother the people who sleep in it. Don’t worry about anything, like your feet getting stuck in the ties. Instead, the ties help keep the duvet in place inside the cover. So, the strings on the duvet cover are important.

How do you put on a duvet cover with ties?

Using ties to fasten a duvet cover is quite simple. Set up the duvet by tying it in place with the ties and making sure it is in the correct position. You will quickly get an understanding of the procedure, although at first seems to be very ambiguous.

There are a few different methods to fasten a duvet cover that has ties, and they are as follows:

Put the duvet and cover on the bed:

Lay the duvet flat on the mattress first. Then cover the duvet with the cover. Make sure that the duvet matches the cover. Check the cover and duvet from corner to corner to make this process even better. Make sure that the bottom is where the cover opens.

Attach the cover to the duvet:

Once the corners are aligned, look for the duvet loops and corner ties. Then, put the ties through the loop and use the cover to tie the duvet together. Don’t tie them too tightly. Allow for a little amount of extra breathing space.

Change how it is set:

Now that you’re done setting up, use the duvet to slowly straighten out the cover. Lifting the duvet and shaking it until it seems settled from the outside is an easy approach to accomplish this goal.

Why are there no ties on my duvet cover?

As long as you can handle the cover without ties, your duvets may not have any. When it comes to duvet coverings, ties are optional. So, you shouldn’t be surprised if there are no ties on your duvet cover.

Some duvet covers don’t have ties, but instead have clips that do the same job as ties. The clips keep the duvets in place inside the cover. So, you can’t say that a duvet cover that doesn’t have ties is bad or hard to use.

There are also different ways that duvet covers are made. Some patterns might not have ties. That doesn’t mean the duvet won’t stay in the right place with the covers. Some of these duvet covers will have clips or other ways to help you shape the duvet.

Even though duvet covers with ties are convenient, you don’t need them if you’re careful. For example, you shouldn’t keep moving the duvet around to keep it in place.

How can I hold my duvet cover in place if it doesn’t have ties?

You can use your duvet cover without tying it in place if you know how to fold it properly and how to use folding tricks. Yes, there are ways to make sure that the cover stays inside the cover.

Follow these tips to keep the duvet cover in place if it doesn’t have ties:

Folding correctly:

If the duvet cover is folded right, it can never be messy. It is still right. There are different ways to fold the duvet cover so that it stays straight. Since duvets don’t have covers, you should usually try to keep them folded.

Less moving of the duvet cover:

Tying the duvet to the bed or divan is a must if you are constantly moving it around. As long as the duvets are kept in one spot, your duvet cover will stay put without the need for any ties.

Use of alternatives to ties:

A duvet cover without ties may be used in a variety of ways, and there are many of them. Clips are a common one. Clips can be used to keep the duvets inside. Sometimes clips work better than ties.

How can I put ties to my duvet cover?

You may add ties to your duvet cover if it doesn’t come with any already. But it’s important to follow the steps in order.

Follow the steps below to put ties on your duvet cover:


Putting ties in multiple places on the duvet cover is not necessary. Putting a tie in each corner should be enough. Draw or write on each corner of your duvet using a marker (either permanent or temporary). Scales and measuring tapes may be used, if necessary.

Sew on the ties:

After determining where to place the knots, you are ready to begin sewing. Afterward, gather knots and stitch them into the cover’s corners. You can sew them inside or outside of the cover.

See if it fits:

Putting a duvet inside the cover and shaking it can help you determine if the stitching is appropriately positioned or not. So, you can do one last check to make sure everything fits.

How do the clips on a duvet cover work?

Clips for duvet covers make things easier. The cover clips are a little different from the ties in how they work.

The duvet cover needs to be turned inside out. Then, use the duvet to cut the four corners. This will connect the duvet to the cover.

It’s even better if the duvets are stuffed into their coverings, which makes the duvet cozier. So, the ties make the duvet softer and warmer. Softness is one of the most important things about a duvet. The way the clips work makes these things possible.

How to use clips for a duvet cover?

If you already know how to use duvet cover ties, you can use the clips the same way. The first step of putting the clips and ties on the cover is the same for all of them.

Cover the duvet with the cover. Corners should match up. Then, just attach the clips to the duvet cover. These clips will hold the duvet and cover together so they don’t get out of place.

As you can see, putting up the duvet cover clips isn’t difficult. Even you can take the clips off and move them as needed.

Where do the buttons on the duvet cover go?

The buttons on the duvet cover are located at the end of the bed for added comfort. But you can also put them at the top if that’s what you want. More often than not, buttons are at the bottom.

Most duvet covers open at the bottom, which is why the buttons are at the bottom. As a result, the likelihood of the duvet escaping from the cover is increased.

People often attach the buttons to the underside of the cover for this reason. Since it depends on what the user wants, you can change where the buttons are.


There are ties on the duvet cover.  But it’s not a requirement. The duvet covers aren’t perfect with either of the ties. The ties only make it easier to use duvet covers by keeping the duvets inside. Other ways, like clipping and buttoning, also work just fine.