Can You Add a Trundle to a Daybed?

Having a daybed in a small or small room is a good way to both sit and sleep. It may be used as a couch and a bed at the same time. And if you need even more room, you can combine the daybed with a trundle. That will make your daybed twice as big.

Can you add a trundle to a daybed?

Adding a trundle is possible with a daybed. However, there must be enough room under the daybed. A trundle can be easy to move if you have about 18 inches of space under your daybed. You need to make sure that each piece of furniture fits together.

Can any daybed be outfitted with a trundle?

It is usually kept under the bed or the daybed. A trundle is a piece of furniture that can be added to any kind of daybed. When you have a daybed, there are some situations where you will need to add an extra bed.

Most of the time, trundle frames are about 6 inches wide. As long as there is a mattress on top, it can rise to 15 to 18 inches. So, if your daybed doesn’t have at least 18 inches of space below it, you can’t add a trundle.

Some daybeds have a drawer set up below them. In this case, you can’t add a trundle to your daybed.

There are also different sizes of trundles. Because a twin-size daybed cannot accommodate a full-size trundle, a full-size trundle is recommended. Make sure your daybed is big enough for the extra bed you want to buy.

How do I attach the trundle to the daybed?

Make sure your child’s room or guest room has a trundle bed if you don’t have a lot of space.

The trundle may be connected to your daybed to provide additional sleeping space. However, if your trundle is a pop-up trundle, you can only connect it to your daybed.

In this example, we’ll show you how to connect two beds:

Purchase a bed connection:

Purchase a bed connection: Both online and at a bed store, you can buy this item now. To keep the mattresses together, they will be used to link them both.

Turn your daybed’s height up or down:

Pull out the trundle. Turn your daybed’s height up or down: Pull out the trundle if there’s any dust on it. Then, pull up the trundle and make it match the height of your daybed so it fits.

Attach bed connector:

Remove the covers and sheets from both of the mattresses and place the bed connection in its place. Then insert the twin bed connection between the two mattress layers. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for this process, and do it the right way.

Put mattress pad:

After this, put mattress padding on both of the mattresses, then a big sheet on top of both of them.

Zip ties the legs:

It will make them even tighter. It is also an easier way to rope your daybed and trundle legs.

This is how a trundle bed is attached to a daybed.

How much space does a trundle bed need beneath a daybed?

Trundles save space and can be used as extra bedding in your living room or guest room. A lot of the time, it goes under the daybed. As a result, there must be enough room beneath your daybed to accommodate your trundle.

The area underneath your daybed must be large enough to accommodate a trundle and a mattress. Based on the brands, trundles can be of different heights, too. As low as 6 inches can be found in the market.

For a good mattress to be comfortable, it needs to be 6 inches thick. When you add up the height of both the trundle frame and the bed’s lowest height, you get 12 inches. Another thing: To move, it will also need a few more inches.

So, you need about 15 to 18 inches of space under your daybed to put a trundle.

Size: How big is a daybed that comes with a slide?

Daybeds can be both a sofa and a bed. Add them to your living room. A daybed with a trundle may be utilized in a guest room or your studio apartment.

Daybed and trundle setups are mostly used to save space, but they can also be used to sleep more people. These are usually small. The average size of a daybed is about 35 inches by 75 inches. Twin-sized beds are usually found on top of each other, but it’s not always that way.

For a full-size daybed, the dimensions are 56 inches wide, 78 inches wide, and 42 inches wide. However, there are other types of daybeds with a trundle that are bigger than the one shown here. So, check them out before you buy one.

How do you build a trundle daybed?

The bed can be made by you. That way, you can make it and design it how you want. These steps will show how you can make an extra-long daybed:

Measure the dimension/size:

The first stage is to draw out a detailed plan. Measure everything and write it down. Also, make a list of the materials and tools you’ll need for the project, and write them down.

Prepare the materials:

The next stage is to gather all of the essential equipment and supplies. As soon as you buy all of the materials, you can start to build the daybed.

Cut the wooden planks:

Afterward, you’ll need to cut all the wooden boards down to your desired length following the measurements you set earlier. Measure twice before you cut the woods.


The next step is to assemble all of the boards you’ve already cut out of wood. Glue everything together with epoxy and a nail machine. Afterward, your daybed and trundle frame will be completed.

It’s painting time:

Using a paintbrush, coat the daybed and trundle frames in the color of your choice. Good-quality wood paint can be used for this, so choose one that fits your needs.

Install caster wheels:

As soon as the paint has dried, attach casters wheels to the frame of your bed. In this way, the trundle will be able to slide in and out of the bed quickly.

Put a mattress:

To finish, place a mattress. The mattresses should only be placed on the frames when they have dried completely.

How do you conceal a trundle bed inside a daybed?

It’s not very common for trundles to go with your bed. Most of the time, they stay out of sight. The trundle bed may be hidden in your daybed by taking a few more steps. A few tips:

Bed skirts:

Cover your mattress with a bed skirt to keep the trundle hidden. It will add a lot of colors and make your bed look nice. Because the trundle is under the bed, they’ll also hide it.

Coffee/cocktail table:

A coffee table could be put in front of a daybed because it can also be used as a sofa. Using this table, you can conceal the trundle under the daybed and make it seem to be a sofa.

Style it like a drawer:

If you’d like to keep it out of sight, you can make it seem like a drawer. As a result, your daybed will have a more upscale appearance while still being well-hidden.

Use long sheets:

The trundle under your daybed will be protected if you use long bedsheets to drape over the edge. I like this idea because it’s easy and clever.

These are a few things you can do to hide your trundle, and you can do them. In terms of designing your home, there are no limits. It’s time to let your mind go and be creative, so do that.

Is it true that all trundle beds fold up?

None of them come out when you open them. Two types of trundles can be found based on how they are made. Once it’s brought out, just one of them will show up.

These are known as “pop-up trundles” because they open up when you pull them out of storage. There is another type of bed that can be pulled out. Trundles may be raised to match the height of your main bed using these pop-up mechanisms.

You can save space and have an extra bed by having a trundle bed. Pop-up and pull-out trundle both fulfill this function.

The only way to make the height of your trundle bed the same as your main one is to get a pop-up trundle bed. That means that only trundles that pop up are found here, so that’s what we know.

How do you create a daybed with a pop-up trundle?

There are ways to make a DIY daybed that has a pull-out bed when you don’t have much money. It is simple and fun. For this project, you’ll need some carpentry skills, but that’s not the only thing you need.

If you want to build a daybed and a trundle, you’ll need separate plans for each one. It’s up to you whether you want to manufacture one or buy one online. Then buy the materials and tools you need to do this job, as well.

Now, using your dimensions, cut the hardwood boards for the daybed and trundle frame. then glue and nails are used to join the planks together. Afterward, you must paint the frames to complete the project.

As soon as you have the wheels attached to the trundle frame, you can put them below the frame to finish off the pop-up mechanism, just place it on top of the wooden frame. To cover the pop-up mechanism, you need to put a piece of wood on top of it. It’s where you’ll put the bed.

Is there a trundle bed available?

The answer is yes. You may purchase a trundle bed on its own or as part of a larger set, such as a full or twin-sized bed. Many manufacturers produce trundles and offer them as a standalone item.

Trundle beds may be found at bedding and furniture shops, as well as online. They are available at major retailers such as Walmart and IKEA. eBay and Amazon, as well as other websites, also sell them. Trundles are available in a variety of configurations, including those with wheels and those with sliding mechanisms.

Trundle beds and daybeds work well together in small rooms because they can be used as extra beds. It gives you more space to sleep while only taking up half the space you need to store. In that case, choose a daybed with a pull-out bed.