Why Does the Bathroom Sink Gurgle?

Your bathroom sink may be making a gurgling sound. It might happen if you shower or flush the toilet, for example. So, you’re probably curious about why your bathroom sink is making a glug-glug noise and how to stop it. Let’s go through each of your questions one by one. Why does the bathroom sink … Read more

Can Bathroom Sinks be Reglazed?

The bathroom sink is the first item that strikes the attention of any interior design fan. Sinks are essential and must not be overlooked. It completes the ideal aesthetic in the bathroom. And it’s utilized regularly. It’s usual for a sink to get dull over time, depending on how often it’s used and how big … Read more

Can Two Bathroom Sinks Share a Drain?

Double sinks in a bathroom became a huge help to people who share a bathroom. They make it easy for two people to get ready on time, without having to worry about each other. To fully appreciate all of the benefits they provide, we may need to address certain issues about their ventsĀ and drain. Can … Read more

Can You Paint Plastic Bathroom Sinks?

Plastic, the modern era’s gift, and curse, has come as a sink in your kitchens and bathrooms. Acrylic, sometimes known as polycarbonate, is often used in corner guards, windows, and paintings around buildings. They may also be formed into a variety of household furnishings. Acrylic sinks, like any other material, offer a variety of advantages … Read more

Do Bathroom Sinks Need an Overflow Drain?

Those additional holes inside the bathroom sinks have caught your attention. The drain holes at the top of the basin rim, not the ones at the bottom of the sinks, are what we’re talking about. These are the holes that lead to your bathroom sink’s overflow. Is it a problem if your sink doesn’t have … Read more