Are Nightstands Necessary?

Nightstands are a staple in almost every home. Some consider it a waste of space, while others believe it has numerous applications.

We spend so much time in our bedrooms, so it must be comfortable. But do we require a nightstand? Let us investigate.

Are Nightstands Necessary?

Not at all. When it comes to decorating your home, nothing is required. It is an essential feature in many bedrooms. Nightstands improve your comfort, but they can take up too much space in a small bedroom. It all comes down to personal preferences and needs in the end.

 Is a nightstand really necessary?

Nightstands can be a significant investment because they completely transform a room. Usually in a good way. It can also be expensive. Its popularity stems from the fact that it has a wide range of applications.

Reasons for requiring a nightstand

For home decor:

Many people use nightstands to add style and decorate their bedrooms. They are thought to be beautiful and can match the colors of your room and bed.

You can easily keep a night lamp on it to avoid getting out of bed to turn off the lights. You can keep things you need close at hand to make it easier to reach for them. For instance, reading glasses, a glass of water, medication, lotion, and your phone.


Nightstands aren’t always used as bedside tables. You can use it as a side table or an end table in your living room.

Compared to its numerous applications, it is less expensive than a lot of other furniture. Prices for entry-level items can be very low, but high-quality items are usually expensive.

For storage:

Most nightstands have drawers for storage. You can keep all of your essential items there and access them while sitting on your bed. These items can include accessories, books, magazines, pens, and even emergency flashlights.

Easily accessible:

It can be found in any home improvement or furniture store because it is a common piece of furniture. If you prefer to stay at home, you can also buy nightstands online.

For variety and choice:

Due to a lack of options and design, people are sometimes forced to customize their furniture in the home. However, because nightstands are so popular, there are an infinite number of options. There are both traditional and modern ones. Furthermore, when you buy one, large manufacturers offer to change several things.

Different sizes:

If your bedroom is small, you probably don’t want to cram more furniture into it. However, nightstands come in a variety of sizes, including small ones. It will not make your bedroom appear tacky.

You can now decide whether or not you require a nightstand. It is convenient, and if you choose the right one, it will improve your lifestyle.

Why does bedroom sets only include one nightstand?

Most furniture stores sell bedroom sets that include only one nightstand. even in the case of a twin, queen, or king-sized bed. Why? They do this to conserve space.

Many bedrooms do not have enough space for two nightstands, and some people believe they are unnecessary. On the other hand, two nightstands can be a bit much if you have other furniture in your bedroom.

Nightstands do not have to be used solely by one person; they can also be used by the person with whom you share a bedroom. They usually have more than one cabinet, which allows you to divide the cabinets evenly.

If you live with your partner, you can get an extra nightstand, but these sets are typically designed for one person.

Is it necessary to have two nightstands?

This is determined by whether you live alone and your personal preferences. If you share a home with your partner, chances are you’ll need another nightstand.

You can also share one. If you live alone, you could have two nightstands to keep your work and personal lives separate. One can hold your work things, while the other holds things you need daily.

However, it is not required and is entirely up to you. Another reason you might want two nightstands is if you have a large family. If you spend a lot of time in the living room, you can keep one in there and the other in your bedroom.

How do you match nightstands to a bed?

If you want to add style and elegance to your bedroom, consider matching your nightstand to your bed. Unusual combinations of your nightstand and bed can detract from the overall appearance of your bedroom. Color, texture, scale, and height are all important things to think about when you mix and match.

Not attempt to match the colors of your bed and nightstand. Instead, aim for a color balance. For instance, white and beige, black and white, and so on. Alternatively, one of them can be bright and the other dull.

Combine the textures. Get a wooden nightstand to go with your metal bed.

Make sure your nightstand isn’t too deep, or you’ll have trouble getting out of bed.

The height of the Nightstand should not be lower than the height of the mattress; it should be higher, but not excessively so. If you have a narrow bed, your nightstand should be narrow as well. In the case of wide ones, the opposite is true.

For a better understanding, see images of nightstands and bed pairings.

Is it necessary to have matching nightstands?

No, not at all. Mismatched nightstands are quite popular these days. It has a chance to turn into the center of attention. However, having two nightstands that do not match or complement each other beside your bed will stand out.

This is why it’s critical to plan ahead of time before making your bedroom look out of the ordinary.

Before you buy two nightstands that don’t match, think about the size of the room, the size of the nightstand, whether you have a partner and the purpose of the nightstand.

You must ensure that the arrangement of your bedroom appears balanced. The shapes can be different, but the texture can remain the same.

This could be a winning combination. Another option is to mix shapes, textures, and heights that are completely different. One could be a large traditional nightstand with drawers, while the other could be a small modern nightstand with no drawers.

Lamps are also matched to synchronize mismatched nightstands. As a result, you could coordinate the accessories.

What is the price of nightstands?

  • A simple nightstand with no drawers or cabinets and a single tray on top. It’s simple to assemble. From $30 to $60. These resemble side tables and can be purchased for as little as $15.
  • A nightstand with one drawer is between $70 and $100,
  • Cabinets that combine functions. One cabinet is open, and the other is closed. Between $40 and $70,
  • A nightstand with two drawers. Between $100 and $500,
  • Nightstand with multiple drawers or cabinets. between $300 and $1000
  • The vintage style. From $70 to $1000

All the prices are collected from online stores. Ready-made nightstands start at $20 and can cost up to $1,500. Customized ones are even more expensive. The ones purchased online must usually be assembled at home.

How do you make a low-cost nightstand?

You’ll need basic tools like saws, wood glue, nails, and a drilling machine.

You will require the following items:

  • Lumber
  • Legs for a Lumber Nightstand
  • Slides for drawers


  • Step 1: Cut your boards to the size you want with a saw. (Remember to cut it straight and nicely.)
  • Step 2: Using nails and wood glue, join the sides together.
  • Step 3: Attach the legs to the ends with nails and glue.
  • Step 4: Attach the drawer slides to the sides of the cabinet. Make sure that they are installed in the same place in both leg sets and that the level is kept.
  • Step 5: Construct the drawers out of 1 x 4s.
  • Step 6: Make the drawer bottoms out of plywood.
  • Step 7: Build and attach the back.
  • Step 8:Using nails, attach the backs of the drawers, including the drawer slides. You’ll need a drilling machine to make the holes.
  • Step 9: Attach the drawer and test it to ensure it fits and slides correctly.
  • Step 10: Secure the top with glue and nails.
  • Step 11: Sanding is required to achieve a smooth finish.
  • Step 12: Finish your drawer with a knob.

And you’re finished! This may appear simple, but it is best to watch a video for a step-by-step guide on how to do it correctly.

What else can I use in place of a nightstand?

You could use a variety of items in place of a nightstand. The most common types of tables are accent, side, and end tables. However, some other options may surprise you.

  • A bookshelf
  • A table
  • Shelves for the walls
  • Floating Shelves
  • A stool
  • A vintage suitcase or toolbox
  • Office storage cabinet
  • Reclaimed wood
  • A lamp for the floor
  • A seat
  • Baskets
  • Using a shelf to hang a mirror

What is the ideal distance between the nightstand and the bed?

It should be no more than 5 inches, or you will be unable to reach the top of your nightstand from the bed.

A large gap between your nightstand and your bed will make your room appear empty. However, we don’t want the bed and nightstand to be touching because it makes the room appear cramped.

Furthermore, if your bedsheet becomes stuck to your nightstand, it will be difficult for you to make your bed every day. As a result, the ideal length would be one to three inches from the bed.

If accessibility to your nightstand is not important to you, you can keep it as a decorative piece 7–10 inches away from your bed.

I hope this helps you decide whether or not nightstands are necessary for you.