Does Cooker Hood Need Fused Spur? Good Advice Here

cooker hood fused spur location

If your range hood has a canopy, you can normally install the fused branch above a nearby cabinet and run the flexible cable into the hood via a little piece of pipe that is buried inside the wall from branch. Hidden connections wouldn’t be a problem, and then the isolation would be close, easy, and … Read more

Is A Kitchen Vent Necessary? Simple Advice for You

kitchen range hood with problematic vent flow

The kitchen is one place where gases, smoke, and smells tend to build up. In this area, kitchens need to have ventilation grilles that work with natural airflow and air from extraction ducts. In kitchens, smoke removal is an absolute must. As one of the places that make the most smoke, the place where we … Read more

Why My Kitchen Exhaust Fan Dripping Oil?

Problems My Kitchen Range Hoods Dripping Oil

Most of the time, the filter is to blame when grease magically appears on your stove. When this grease filter is full and can no longer hold more, the grease accumulates and drips onto the stove. If oil is leaking from it, it has collected enough oil vapor from cooking. That is a sign that … Read more

Does Kitchen Exhaust Fan Consume More Electricity?

kitchen exhaust fan watts

Does your kitchen fan use more energy than other items in your home? If so, maybe it’s time to get rid of it and get something better. Most kitchen fans are installed on the ceiling or near the floor. They extract air from the room through vents and send it outside. The problem is that … Read more

Is It Worth Doing a Kitchen Extension?

is now a good time to build an extension

If you want more space without moving, an extension is one of the best upgrades to think about. It will still cost a lot less and save you from looking for a new house, packing up your old one, and moving to a new one. Instead, you’ll only have to deal with building your home … Read more

Does Kitchen Backsplash Need Grout?

White Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash With Black Grout Background

You should always ask the store where you purchased the tile how to install it. Even though the grout does not make the tile installation more stable, you will still need to grout the tiles. Even if the spaces between the tiles are small, they will still need grouting. If you don’t grout them, food … Read more

Does kitchen backsplash need backer board?

expensive kitchen backsplsh with backer board

The Backer board needs to be put in places where you will put interior tiles that will come in direct contact with water. Use a special backer board that is waterproof in places where the tile will be directly exposed to water or rain. If your tile won’t be directly hit by a spray of … Read more

Does Kitchen Bouquet Have Gluten?

Kitchen Bouquet Browning and Seasoning Sauce

Kitchen Bouquet is a spice that you can add to food while cooking. The sauce looks like dark caramel and can make your dish taste and feel better. The brand has maintained the same bottle design, with a narrow neck and a large body, and the same yellow labels, for many years. celery, turnips, caramel … Read more

Should The Dining Room Be Close to The Kitchen?

living room between kitchen and dining

In the dining room, people eat meals and talk with family and friends. They’re multipurpose enough to serve as a study aid as well. To make the most of the space and fulfill your goals, you may either opt for a subtle color plan or go all out with a dramatic color scheme. Make sure … Read more

Does A Utility Room Need to Be Off the Kitchen?

kitchen and utility room design ideas

Utility rooms are more common, and this comes as no surprise. They’re simple to make and look great in a house. It’s a frequent issue for homeowners to have to decide between expanding the kitchen or adding on a utility room. Traditionally, the kitchen has been seen as the center of the house, where family … Read more

Where To Place the Buffet in The Dining Room?

traditional dining room buffet decor

This long, low piece of furniture is often used in dining rooms to store and display food and drink goods and is also known as a buffet table. It may also be used as a serving tray. As a storage and display element, sideboards and buffets may be used in a living room, an entrance, … Read more

Should Sideboard Match Dining Table?

where to place buffet in dining room

To make the most of your time spent with loved ones in the dining room, you want to make sure it is both beautiful and functional. A sideboard is the best thing you can have in the dining room to store things. But what should you do if you already own an antique dining room … Read more

Should A Dining Room Table Always Be Set?

how to decorate a dining room table for everyday

The dining room table is a favorite meeting location for small and big families. It might sound nice to have dining room table always set up beautifully. But you might wonder if keeping the dining room table set all the time is practical or necessary. We did some research on this topic and came up … Read more

Is It Ok to Have a Bedroom Off the Kitchen?

house plans with master bedroom off kitchen

In the past, it would have been strange to think that you could cook and do other kitchen tasks right next to your bedroom. However, as the need for multi-functional areas grows, so does the number of homeowners who ask for this kind of thing. Can a kitchen be located next to a bedroom? Even … Read more

Are Paper Towels Recyclable or Compostable? Lets go Green

white roll paper towel for kitchen and home

Do you make an effort to reduce your environmental impact when cooking? Us too! When it comes to creating a sustainable kitchen, you need to take into account a wide range of elements, including anything from the paper towels you use to the question: “can you compost them?”. You must determine if the used paper towels you … Read more

Is kitchen paint washable? (Answered and Explained)

choosing best washable paint for kitchen

It might be difficult to keep the walls of the kitchen clean since food can easily get scattered there due to splatters from cooking or accidental spills. A fantastic approach to modernizing your kitchen is to paint the walls with washable paint. Whether you want to give your walls a new appearance or just want … Read more