Is painting the kitchen worth it?

best paint for kitchen walls and ceiling

We took down a wall inside our apartment to make the kitchen and living room one big room. Now that I’ve decided on the color scheme for the living room, I need to carry that theme into the kitchen as well.

If I can’t find a kitchen paint color that matches this one.

Will I have to use kitchen paint? Is it worthwhile?

Yes, it’s going to be worth it. It usually costs a bit more than regular vinyl with silk or matte finish, but it works well. It lasts longer, but that might not be what you need.

You’ll be fine with regular emulsion. “Kitchen paint” is a big scam because silk paint has the same properties but costs much less. If the silk finish isn’t to your liking, give the Dulux soft sheen or the crown equivalent a go. They don’t have the same reflective quality as silk, but they can be cleaned. Buy your paint from a trade merchant instead of a home improvement store.

There are ingredients added to normal emulsions that aren’t found in kitchen or bathroom paint that allow it to withstand the kind of moisture that might cause steam, condensation, and another staining. Also, because they have a soft sheen instead of a standard matt finish, they can be cleaned. Standard soft sheen may be used, however, you will need to recoat early like in the previous days.

While paint quality has improved dramatically over the years, Dulux’s 10-year-guaranteed paint is a standout example. What I believe to be the case is that Teflon is in the product, which I have used, and when I get a scratch and I wipe it off, the paint doesn’t come off or leave behind a mark.

A few years ago, Dulux introduced a wipeable matt paint, which was popular because it was so simple to clean. However, even the bathroom paint, which has a gloss to it, would show up any imperfections in the walls.

best kitchen wall and ceiling paint

When you decide to purchase kitchen and bathroom paint, it also depends on your family. If you take a lot of baths or cook a lot, it might be safer to get kitchen and bathroom paint, but I’ve painted a lot of bathrooms and kitchens and have only used kitchen and bathroom paint twice. The other times, I’ve used matt paint.

Use a good white matte emulsion to paint your kitchen and bathroom ceilings. Dulux Diamond matt emulsion, on the other hand, is the greatest paint for your walls since it is long-lasting and can be wiped clean without fading. Can only be bought at trade shops and can be mixed to make any color you want.

As for your front door, any exterior gloss (like Dulux Weathershield) and a similar undercoat in light colors will protect it better from the sun’s UV rays.

Depending on some other factors, you might be able on using vinyl matt emulsions, vinyl soft sheen (satin) paints, or bathroom/kitchen paints that are made especially for those surfaces. Most of the time, you should use a few different colors of paint to meet the needs of your space. Ceilings in bathrooms and kitchens might benefit from using matt paints. An excellent aesthetic without losing functionality is possible when vinyl silk paints and this technique are used together on your walls.

What makes paint for the kitchen and bathroom different?

There’s a reason why the people who are remodeling your bathroom or kitchen will only let you use a certain kind of paint. Polymers, a kind of plastic chemical, are in the emulsions. When the paint is put on walls and ceilings, it makes a hard layer on the surface that makes it last longer. The paint won’t flake for a long time and will stay bright and gold.

In addition, the paint used in bathrooms and kitchens has a higher viscosity, which means it is thicker than the regular paint used in living rooms and bedrooms. Because of this, the paints are easy to use and perfect for DIY people. Although it still takes many applications to get the required gloss and evenness, you may use the paint to cover a subsequent layer.


If you don’t want to paint your kitchen by hand, you can spray paint them. Implement all of the same careful steps to get ready, then carefully cover anything else in the room before spraying. Find a sprayer with excellent quality and always keep this motto in mind: several thin coatings, not one heavy coat.