Is kitchen paint washable? (Answered and Explained)

It might be difficult to keep the walls of the kitchen clean since food can easily get scattered there due to splatters from cooking or accidental spills. A fantastic approach to modernizing your kitchen is to paint the walls with washable paint.

Whether you want to give your walls a new appearance or just want an excuse to experiment with a different color, washable paint is an excellent choice. Top washable paint brands and colors, will not only make it simpler for you to clean the walls of your kitchen, but they will also give the space the modern feel that it so desperately needs.

choosing best washable paint for kitchen

Many people still wonder, “Is kitchen paint washable?”

Absolutely, and then more, the paint in the kitchen can be cleaned with water. The paint used in kitchens is meant to be resistant to moisture, which means that it can readily withstand the splashes and humidity that occur in a kitchen. It has an elegant sheen to it, and in addition to that, it is quite simple to maintain clean, and wash down.

The paint used in kitchens is designed to last for a long time and, although it is not completely waterproof, it is simple to clean, resistant to stains, and does not need much maintenance.

If the varnish or coating you are using will come into direct contact with food items, such as in a silo or a facility that packages food, then there may be rules that need to be followed, and you may need to use paint that is safe for consumption.

If you don’t throw meatballs against the walls of your kitchen or season your steak on the floor of the cafeteria, then selecting a hygienic coating should be OK.

What is Washable Paint?

Painting a room becomes one of the fastest and most cost-effective methods to liven up a space, as well as one of the most inexpensive. However, if you are going to put in the work, wouldn’t you want the results to be long-lasting?

There are bags in the corridor. You need your paint to be able to withstand regular life, whether it is sticky paws from children or spilled red wine from adults (cough). We are not willing to redecorate every time there is a leak in the house.

Words such as “Washable” and “Scrubbable” are used to describe the majority of interior paints, and definitely, any paints that are worth their salt would employ these terms. If anything gets marked on the paint, the fact that it can withstand being washed and scraped is the most important thing to take away from this. To save you the need to grimace at every nick and scratch in the corridor.

To remove the markings, without a doubt. In most cases, you will need to clean it with warm water and a gentle detergent. However, you shouldn’t subject standard interior emulsion paint to water consistently. If you want to paint a room that is often damp or humid, you should choose the paint that is made specifically for kitchens and bathrooms and is resistant to moisture.

The Dulux Easycare Washable and Tough Matt paint are one of the most durable paints available. Because of its Diamond Tough formulation, which is washable without the color fading and is 20 times more durable than ordinary Dulux Matt, your house will continue to look wonderful for a longer time. A finish that is both long-lasting and washable, making it very simple to erase blemishes that are difficult to clean.

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When compared to the other options, an enamel paint or interior paint with a semi-gloss or gloss finish will get my best possible endorsement.

Despite this, if you decide to use matte paint, you must keep in mind that it goes with the requirement to seal your tiles after you are finished painting them after you have finished painting them. Because of this, they can endure for a long time and are simple to clean.

I would also suggest that you apply two coats of paint for greater coverage and durability, allowing a significant amount of time to pass between coats so that the paint can thoroughly dry in between applications.

For the family that places equal importance on fashion and protection, Valspar Ultra Stain Resistant Paint + Primer is an excellent washable paint option. This paint is Greenguard Gold certified, which means that when used inside, the paint gives out fewer chemical aromas into the air than other paints do.

In addition, this paint is engineered to be resistant to stains and scuffs. It is offered in eggshell, satin, flat, and semi-gloss finishes, and it is an attractive and secure addition to any kitchen area.

best washable paint for kitchen cabinets

Cabinet Enamel by Valspar is a latex paint designed specifically for cabinetry that has the characteristics and performance of oil-based paint. Valspar Cabinet Enamel is a latex interior paint that has an increased amount of oil content. It is a hybrid.

One of the benefits of opting for Valspar is that it is readily available since it can be purchased at the Lowe’s Home Improvement shop that is most convenient to you. The price of these paints is close to that of Benjamin Moore Advance.

Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel from Behr is a product that, much like Valspar Cabinet Enamel, is designed for use on surfaces that need durability and the ability to be cleaned easily. This paint is made using water, yet it has the appearance and texture of paint made with oil.

Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore provide high-quality products that have a finish that is on par with that of oil but are free of harmful and illegal VOCs and is simple to clean up after use.

For instance, Benjamin Moore is the only company that offers a primer in addition to its topcoats and the greatest number of sheens. If you want to create a strong impression with either a high-gloss or a matte finish, this is the perfect paint for your kitchen cabinets.

What are the alternatives to tiles and washable paint?


Wallpapers may not be the first thing that comes to mind as an option for the backsplash on your wall, but trust me when I say that you should give it some thought. Because of the variety of patterns that they come in, they provide your wall with its personality and give it an air of elegance.


Wood is another material that, in general, does not fare well when exposed to wet or humid circumstances. Nevertheless, you should consider it as a potential alternative for the walls of your kitchen.

The use of wood is not as uncommon as some people believe it to be; its paneling, for example, may give your wall an earthy vibe and match it wonderfully.

You may go ahead and paint the wood with a paint that has a semi-gloss finish, and then you can pair that paint with a waterproof varnish or an oil-based primer for further protection.

Acrylic Sheets

The installation of acrylic sheets is fairly straightforward, and they may give your kitchen either a classic or a modern appearance. In addition, there are water-resistant sheets that are often offered for sale alone or in sets that include anywhere from five to ten of the same item.

Acrylic sheets may be used for a variety of purposes, but this does rely on the manufacturer as well as the specific design chosen. They might be on the low-cost end of the spectrum or they can be on the higher-priced end of the spectrum.


Glass is yet another fantastic option for the conventional tile that may be used. Because it may vary in texture, size, and color, it makes it simple for you to add a dash of paint if that’s something you decide you want to do. Else, make it neutral and elegant.

The use of glass as a backsplash is not only more cost-effective but also requires less assistance to install. The only thing left to do is place an order for the piece of glass in the size and color of your choice. The nicest aspect, and something that should be pointed out, is that glass takes very little in the way of upkeep!


Although paints for the kitchen and bathroom have many similarities, there are essential distinctions between the two that make each variety a better option for the space it was designed for.

Despite this, you are free to use the paint intended for the kitchen in the bathroom so long as the emulsion has high moisture resistance and is formulated with antifungal and antibacterial components.

In any other case, be sure not to forget to prepare the surface with a primer that is resistant to mold. We hope that by reading this advice, you will be able to choose the appropriate paint product for your needs.