Is Granite Still Popular in Kitchens? Answer with Perfect Explanation

granite countertop is less popular today

Not only is granite aesthetically pleasing, but it is also resilient and simple to maintain. Since granite is custom-cut to match your cabinets, there will be no seams or grout to trap crumbs. Simply wipe down a granite counter to clean it!

Reconsider installing a marble countertop if you plan on remodeling your kitchen this year. Nevertheless, granite countertops are no longer popular. Granite is not the preferred choice for kitchen countertops anymore, according to a recent poll by a home improvement and design website.

So, what will take the place of the long-time favorite? This year will be dominated by more adaptable, low-maintenance materials, such as quartz.

Is Quartz Becoming More Popular Than Granite?

Granite was a staple of the ideal kitchen for quite some time. Granite was the fashionable material that everyone dreamt about while redecorating. It was a natural stone with the elegance and refinement of marble without the fragility concerns. Granite made a fantasy kitchen a fantasy. To this point, though.

Quartz is now more popular than Granite, which used to be the most popular countertop material. Why is everyone now replacing their granite counters with quartz ones? Quartz is equally as attractive as Granite, but without the trouble. Quartz countertops are on-trend, as any home improvement program will demonstrate.

Quartz costs have decreased because of technological breakthroughs. Granite was less costly than Quartz. But modern breakthroughs have enabled Quartz’s price to decrease dramatically. Quartz and Granite currently have similar costs.

In addition, Quartz is a superior investment. The rising popularity of Quartz countertops in kitchens means that homeowners who choose to install this material will see a boost in their home’s value. The low maintenance expenses of Quartz counters will more than pay for the initial investment if you want to keep your current house for the foreseeable future. Quartz will cost substantially less than Granite over the same amount of time when added to a kitchen.

How Did Granite Get Lost?

Due to two primary factors, it seemed unlikely that granite would remain popular forever (bless its heart).

For one thing, once a trend hits the bargain bins, everyone has it and it loses its uniqueness. It has lost its sense of richness. After being the centerpiece of almost every American kitchen makeover, granite eventually lost favor.

Second, the trend away from dark, cozy kitchens and toward bright, minimalist ones has diminished granite’s allure. Instead of desiring “motion,” designers want serenity.


Your choice of countertop material is up to you and should depend on how you live and how much money you have. Quartz is usually the best choice, since buyers like that it can be customized, is durable, and looks sleek and expensive. However, granite remains a popular option among builders and purchasers. Just ensure that your color choices tilt toward the fashionable light neutrals.

I think it will be popular again when people start to like warmer colors again. However, I do not anticipate the return of blotchy builder-grade granites for a very long time. Once the trend toward warmth returns, I suppose new varieties of granite (maybe from a yet-to-be-discovered granite mountain) will appear and breathe new life into the material. Quartz will also remain fashionable since it can be manufactured to meet any color choice or aesthetic inclination.