Is Easy-To-Cook Rice the Same as Parboiled Rice? Read the Facts Here

You can buy Basmati rice and long grain rice in an “easy to cook” package, also called “parboiled”. Easy-to-cook rice is available in brown and white rice. It is grown and harvested in the same way as standard rice, except that the grains undergo an additional process after harvest.

The rice grains are soaked in hot water for several hours and then steamed. For this reason, this rice is also called parboiled rice.

This process changes the natural white color of the grain, adding a slight yellow tint, while the natural flavors are also masked. Easy Cook rice takes a little longer to cook than the non-Easy Cook varieties, but it is foolproof and therefore perfect for less confident cooks.

It’s hard to overcook Easy Cook rice because the grains don’t become gelatinous or sticky if you leave the pan on.

parboiled rice vs white rice cooking time

Everything you need to know about parboiled rice

You may be familiar with classic rice varieties like white rice, brown rice, or even more fragrant options like basmati or jasmine, but there is still a bowl of very underrated rice that everyone deserves to know about: parboiled rice.

If you’ve never tried it, parboiled rice, sometimes also called converted rice, gets its name from the fact that the rice is partially boiled in its husk, not because it is pre-cooked.

This rice is a great middle ground between varieties because it offers a more subtle flavor than white rice as well as more of the original vitamins and minerals found in rice grains, without the nutty flavor of brown rice.

While brown rice has a softer texture, parboiled rice is firmer, but not as soft and delicate as white rice.

To make traditional extra-long grain parboiled rice, you need 2 cups of water to 1 cup of rice.

Parboiled rice can technically be used anywhere other rice varieties can be used, but we’ve put together some different recipe ideas based on grain length so you can make amazing rice dishes every time!

Because long grains are cooked fluffy and separate, they are perfect for adding to rice salads, rice pilafs, fried rice, or baked dishes like Green Bean Rice Casserole for a vacation event or a tasty weeknight dinner.

The cooking instructions are the same as for regular rice!!!

How easy is it to cook? First, you rinse it – like regular rice, bring it to a boil – like regular rice, cook it for 15 minutes – like regular rice, then rinse it in boiling water – like regular rice.

What is the difference between Easy Cook rice and regular rice?

Easy-cook rice is available in both brown and white rice varieties and is grown and harvested in the same way as regular rice; the difference is that the grains undergo an additional process after harvest.

Quick-cooking rice is partially cooked after being milled and then dried, so when you cook it, it takes about half the time of regular long grain rice.

Yes, it’s easy to cook Minutexae Instant White and Brown Rice in an Instant Pot.

Easy Cook rice takes a little longer to cook than the non-Easy Cook varieties, but it’s foolproof and therefore perfect for less confident cooks.

Minutexae Premium Rice is also a pre-cooked long grain white rice, but it uses a different raw material, parboiled rice, which has a golden color and uses a similar cooking process to Minutexae Instant White Rice.

Parboiled Rice: The most perfect rice for food storage

Parboiled rice was new to me when I first saw it on a food storage company’s website. What is the difference between rice and parboiled rice?

The rice ends up being a nice light-yellow color, although when cooked, the color of the rice is more of a creamy white. The processing method does not remove the hull of the rice, which is richer in the vitamins and minerals naturally present in rice.

Parboiled rice is an excellent type of rice for long-term storage. All foods, not just parboiled rice, should be kept in a cool, dry, dark place to protect them from the enemies of food storage.

If you’ve been hesitant to stock up on white rice because of its limited nutritional value and brown rice because of its limited shelf life, parboiled rice may be just what you’ve been looking for.