Is Aluminum Foil Safe in Pressure Cooker? Expert Answer

Yes, it is possible to use aluminum foil in a pressure cooker. Aluminum won’t hurt you if you only come in contact with it occasionally. But you don’t want your food to taste like metal because of the aluminum. It’s possible to use foil to cover your potatoes in the Instant Pot, just as you would while baking them in the oven.

Using aluminum foil regularly in a pressure cooker increases your risk of aluminum poisoning.

steam come out from pressure cooker with aluminum foil inside

Advantages Of Aluminum Foil Used in A Pressure Cooker

Putting aluminum foil around your food helps keep all the good stuff inside. That means that food cooked in a pressure cooker in this way is more tender and has more flavor.

The constant heat from the copper cover ensures that the food is cooked to perfection. Using aluminum foil to line the pressure cooker’s bottom and sides saves you time and work when it comes to cleaning.

You can easily throw away the dirty and used pieces of aluminum foil. You may use aluminum foil to cover your pressure cooker as a temporary solution. It acts just like a lid and keeps the steam inside, so it doesn’t let the steam out. Lastly, but not least, a pressure cooker cuts cooking times by a lot.

What Can’t Be Put into A Pressure Cooker?


pressure cooker and food


Sauces with cream

Dairy products should be avoided while using the Instant Pot. When milk and cheese are exposed to high heat and pressure, they can curdle, separate, or stick together.

Fried Chicken

Chicken that’s been deep-fried to golden brown perfection is incomparable. When you cook in an Instant Pot, which is a closed, moist environment, that classic dish quickly turns into a pale, soggy mess.


A water bath-cooked dessert, like cheesecake, may thrive in the Instant. Because of this, cookies won’t have the chewy borders and pillowy centers that they are known for when baked in a pot.


It is possible to make burgers in an Instant Pot. But there’s not much to be gained by making this barbecue staple in a pressure cooker.


To get a flaky pie crust, you’ll need a dry heat source like an Instant Pot, which isn’t ideal for a delicate treat like pie.


It’s better to leave your tender filet mignon and luscious rib-eye outside the pot. Why? While grilling or searing a steak will provide a caramelized texture, pressure cooking it will not.

Is It Bad to Cook with Aluminum Foil?

Some foods, like tea leaves, mushrooms, spinach, and radishes, are more likely than others to absorb and store aluminum.

Additionally, part of the aluminum you consume comes from chemicals found in processed foods, such as thickeners, anti-caking agents, coloring agents, and preservatives.

Keep in mind that commercially made foods with food additives may have more aluminum than foods made at home.

Here are some things you can do when cooking to avoid getting too much aluminum:

  • Don’t cook at high temperatures. If you can, cook your food at low temperatures.
  • If you’re going to cook with acidic items like tomatoes or lemons, cut down on the aluminum foil.
  • Use dishes and utensils that aren’t made of aluminum, like glass or porcelain.
  • Don’t mix aluminum foil with acidic foods, like tomato sauce or rhubarb. Also, don’t let acidic foods like tomato sauce or rhubarb touch aluminum foil or cookware.

Can Parchment Paper Be Used in An Electric Pressure Cooker?

Yes, parchment paper may be used in an instant pot. This lets the dish cook better and has a better texture all around. Even in a high-pressure situation, parchment paper may be used safely. So, if you plan on creating any of your favorite foods in a pressure cooker soon, be sure you stock up on some.

The dish is prepared with high-intensity heat that is accompanied by a high level of moisture using an instant pot pressure cooker. So, it is the best place to use parchment paper to cook food. You can cut and fold parchment paper in many different ways that are simple or fancy. The food is cooked to perfection because of the high pressure generated by the instant pot and the heat retention provided by the parchment paper.

Make sure to wrap parchment paper tightly around the food you are cooking when you use it. You must, for example, appropriately wrap vegetables, seafood, baked products, dumplings, and so on while preparing these dishes. As a result, the meal will retain its heat. So, the food will be cooked just the way you want.


A pressure cooker can be used with most of the tools and kitchenware. This is particularly true if they are constructed of metal, stainless steel, tempered glass, etc. But they must be able to withstand heat. Things made of plastic, like Ziploc bags, can’t handle the heat, so they can’t be used in it.