Can Laminate Floors Be Refinished and Sanded?

Laminate flooring has a wood look and is made up of 80% wood. Because laminate flooring looks like wood, you may have thought it could be refinished and sanded. This isn’t true.

As a result, it’s fair to wonder if you can refinish and sand laminate flooring in your house like hardwood.

So don’t be concerned! This article will help you find the answer and all of the steps you need to take to fix the laminate flooring surface.

Can Laminate Floors Be Refinished and Sanded?

Laminate floors, unlike hardwood floors, cannot be refinished or sanded. Previously, the laminate flooring was refinished using the stripping and re-coating technique. However, more and more people are using resurfacing laminate floor methods instead of stripping and re-coating.

Although laminate flooring has a wood texture, it is not the same as conventional wood flooring. As a result, it, like regular flooring, cannot be sanded and refinished. If it begins to deteriorate, the only option is to replace the flooring planks.

However, before replacing the boards, there is always a repair procedure to complete the worn-out areas. Previously, the most commonly used techniques for refinishing a laminate floor were stripping and re-coating.

As a result, a more effective approach has recently been devised and is being utilized by individuals. And the procedure is known as resurfacing laminate flooring.

The resurfacing process doesn’t remove the laminate floor’s previous factory sheen. Instead, its re-coats and refinishes the floor over the old factory gloss.

How Much Does Laminate Floor Refinishing Cost?

Refinishing laminate flooring costs an average of $740. And the costs vary from $320 to $1160, so the majority of households spend a refinishing cost in this range.

The cost will vary based on the kind of laminate flooring and the size of the rooms that need to be refinished.

To come up with this price, we looked at the average costs of professional floor refinishing companies.

Another refurbishing price range of $300-$900 for 225 square feet of space may be found. The price per square foot varies from $1.50 to $4.00.

What Is the Best Way to Refinish Laminate Wood Floors?

The refinishing process of laminate wood floors has been given in step-by-step instructions here. These are the easiest procedures for repairing laminate flooring that you can accomplish on your own.

Get the floor ready for restoration.

Remove all of the furniture and carpet from the room before you begin the restoration procedure. And thoroughly clean it with soapy, warm water.

Then, using a cloth, completely dry the space so that no water can get between the laminate boards. Rub to remove any residual wax from the floor.

Use a Chemical Etcher.

After the floor has dried, follow the directions on the chemical etcher’s bottle and apply the chemical etcher to the floor. Alternatively, run a 120-grit sanding screen floor buffer over the floor. After molding and polishing, clean the laminate floor with a towel.

The laminate floor should be recolored.

It’s the ideal moment to recolor the laminate floor after surface etching. Recoloring should be done before applying the new finish and after surface etching.

This technique may be completed using traditional wood stains. You may apply it with a brush or cloth and then brush off the excess with a second rag. Remember to wipe in the direction of the texture to avoid streaks.

A finish coat should be used.

Finally, apply the last layer. As soon as the stain has cured, apply the first coat. Because most finish coatings are aqueous, they may be applied with a floor applicator. Alternatively, a painter’s pad may be used in place of a floor applicator.

However, maintain a paintbrush as your final and least recommended option for applying the finish coating because a paintbrush leaves a smear.

Allow it to completely dry.

Apply the second coat of finish once the first coat has been completed. It would also be preferable if you could screen it again with a floor buffer (if you have one) before applying the second finish layer.

When you’re finished, let the coatings dry for at least two days before reintroducing the furniture to the room.

This approach is also known as refinishing laminate flooring.

Can laminate flooring be painted or stained?

Laminate flooring may be painted or stained. When the laminate flooring planks have faded due to sun exposure, been damaged by your dogs, or just become dull due to misuse, the paint or stain laminate flooring technique is used to refinish the color rather than replace the planks.

To begin painting and staining the laminate floor, you will need a good-quality sander, primer, and gel stain or latex paint to give the flooring a smooth appearance.

However, keep in mind to fix and fill in any broken tracks, markings, or severe scratches. Then, before painting or staining, clean the flooring well and apply primer. Allow at least one day for the primer to dry.

Painting or staining your laminate flooring is considered the easiest method since it is quick, easy, and inexpensive.

Is it possible to restore laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring can be repaired, but the method varies depending on what kind of damage or dent there is.

If your laminate flooring has tiny dents and scratches, the easiest way to restore it is to use a wax pencil to fill in the scrapes and markings. Simply keep running the wax pencil over the scratches until they are full. Finally, wipe away any remaining wax with a soft cloth.

Use a wood filler to repair the damaged corners of your laminate boards. Apply the filler, let it dry, sand it down, and then varnish it.

Remove beading and trim the nearest board when there is peaking in the laminate planks to allow the planks to stretch and fit together.

And, for gap restoration, use a colored sealant to cover the gaps and then dry them.

However, if the laminate planks have extensive scratches, you should replace the individual affected planks. It’s also the best option.

How Can I Restore the Appearance of My Laminate Floors?

Step-by-step instructions have been provided to help you get the shine back in your laminate flooring.

Vacuum/Dust Mop for the Floor

The first step is to thoroughly clean the floor by vacuuming it. Because it captures all of the microscopic dust grains, vacuuming the floor is a more efficient form of cleaning. Don’t use a vacuum with a beater bar.

Otherwise, a mop may be used to clean and remove dust and dirt. Because laminate is prone to surface damage, avoid using an abrasive mop to clean the floor.

Make Use of the Proper Floor Cleaner.

To clean the flooring, you may use a laminate floor cleaning solution, such as Black Diamond Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner, or you can make your cleaning solution.

To create your own DIY laminate floor cleaning solution, use equal parts water, white vinegar, and alcohol. Then combine them to produce the cleaner.

Keep in mind that too much water might harm the floor.

Spritz the cleaning solution on the surface.

Now, spray your floor cleaner a bit at a time and mop it immediately to dry before moving on to the next section. Spraying the cleaner is an easy way to mop the whole area without stepping on the wet floor.

Using a microfiber mop, clean the cleaner.

Then, using a clean microfiber mop, wipe away any washing residue and restore the shine to the floor. Wipe in tiny portions in the direction of the texture of the floor. Be sure to wring it out completely before using the mop to wash the floor.

Allow time for the laminate to dry.

After cleaning, let your laminate flooring surface air dry completely. If any dull spots remain, use a dry microfiber cloth to massage and buff the areas to restore the shine.

How Do You Maintain a Refinished Laminate Floor?

You have been given some advice on how to care for a refinished laminate floor. These tips are sufficient to keep the refinished appearance.

  • Dust mop: When cleaning the floor and removing dust and debris, always use a dust mop.
  • To clean stubborn spots, use a slightly damp cloth or mop.
  • Wipe the floor with a microfiber cloth and a water-vinegar solution. Wipe the floor with a microfiber mop and a water-vinegar solution.
  • Make sure to dry the wet area as quickly as possible: divide the floor into four sections and thoroughly mop each one; also, quickly pat the floor with a dry towel so that cleaning residue doesn’t build up on the floor.
  • Allow it to air dry completely. Finally, cover any scratches with paint or finish lacquer.

If you use these recommendations every time you clean a refinished laminate floor, you will be able to keep the flooring in good condition for a long time.

How Long Does Laminate Flooring Last?

Laminate flooring may easily last 15 to 25 years. However, the life of laminate flooring may be different depending on the quality of the laminate flooring planks and how they are cleaned and cared for.

So, it all comes down to the boards you choose and how you maintain the flooring’s usability. After a certain amount of time, you must change it and get rid of the old laminate flooring.

What Is the Best Laminate Floor Cleaner?

The finest cleaners for refinished laminate flooring are listed below.

  • Hard Surface Floor Cleaner by Bona
  • Black Diamond Stonework Laminate Floors Cleaner
  • Natural Dirt-Destroying Floor Cleaner by Better Life
  • Floor Cleaner by Bruce
  • Multi-Surface Quick Shine Floor Finish

Laminate flooring can’t be refinished or sanded like hardwood flooring, but it can be resurfaced to refinish if you follow the correct resurfacing methods. This is how to resurface laminate flooring.