Can You Melt Wax in an Oil Burner?

Oil burners are often used to burn many sorts of oils and fuels. Oil burners come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Electric oil burners are also a good option. People, on the other hand, utilize oil burners for a variety of burning applications.

So, you’re probably wondering whether you can melt wax in an oil burner or not. You might believe that melting wax in an oil burner is a simple task. However, you must be aware of the specific needs and risks associated with utilizing an oil burner to melt the wax.

Can you melt wax in an oil burner?

If the oil burner’s not electrical, you may melt wax in it. Oil burners aren’t usually good for melting wax. Some oil burners, on the other hand, can both burn oil and melt the wax. However, since oil burners burn oils at high temperatures, melting wax in one may be harmful.

Oil burners are available in both electric and non-electric versions. As a result, melting wax using non-electric oil burners is rather safe. However, using an electric oil burner might be hazardous at times.

Furthermore, wax does not melt at high temperatures. Oil burners, on the other hand, have a temperature-raising function. As a result, using high heat to melt wax may not be safe.

Wax, on the other hand, may be melted on an oil burner. Many oil burners also offer wax melting capabilities. You may melt wax in an oil burner if it is suited for both tasks.

To melt the wax, you may also use an electric oil burner. However, you must adhere to certain procedures. Furthermore, wax melts do not decompose. As a result, they vary significantly from oils.

As a result, while melting wax on an oil burner, you must be cautious and follow the step-by-step procedure.

Is it possible to use Scentsy wax on an oil burner?

Scentsy wax may be used in your oil burner. However, this is not advised. In general, Scentsy wax is not the same as essential oils. The melting point of Scentsy wax is low.

Oil burners, on the whole, utilize higher heat than wax warmers. As a result, if you put Scentsy wax on an oil burner, it will melt at first. Furthermore, the temperature will rise, and the wax’s characteristics may deteriorate.

Furthermore, if you put Scentsy wax on an oil burner, the wax may not work as well as it could. So, you can melt any wax on the oil burner, but if you want your wax to work better, you shouldn’t.

What makes an oil burner different from a wax burner?

Many people confuse the terms “oil burner” and “wax burner.” These two, however, are not the same. They vary in a few ways, making them two distinct kinds of burners. So, let’s look at the fundamental differences between an oil and a wax burner.

Main purpose:

Because they are used for distinct components, an oil burner and a wax burner have two different names. Oils and fuels may be burned in the oil burner. However, you’ll need a wax burner to melt the wax.

Even though many burners can burn and melt both, many are not interchangeable.

The range of temperatures

You may be familiar with the fact that wax is similar to candles. They are prone to melting at low temperatures. As a result, a low temperature is required for burning or melting wax. As a result, wax burners burn or melt the wax at low temperatures.

Oil burners, on the other hand, operate at greater temperatures than wax burners. As a result, the operating temperatures for these two burners vary.


Both oil and wax burners are efficient in their own right. However, the efficiency of wax burners will be reduced if they are swapped.

Because you may use a wax burner in a wax burner to attain the temperature required to melt the wax.

However, if you use oil on the wax burner, it may not be as effective. Furthermore, you will not get a satisfactory result.


Oil burners are not as safe as wax burners. An oil burner, in general, employs high temperatures. Furthermore, the essential oils in oil burners may cause mold and mildew to grow in the burners. This has the potential to be quite harmful.

Wax burners, on the other hand, are safer in these areas.

If I don’t have a wax warmer, what can I do?

Wax warmers make it simple to melt the wax and are quite handy. However, it’s possible that you don’t have a wax warmer. So, if you want to melt the wax, any method will work. So, if you don’t have a wax warmer, here’s what you can do.

You may use the stove approach, which is the most straightforward. In a medium-sized saucepan, heat some water. After that, you must submerge another tiny pot in the heated water. Now you may add the wax to the little pot and wait a few minutes for the scent to appear.

In a microwave-safe basin, you may also melt the wax cubes. In the microwave oven, retain the bowl of a wax cube for 10 seconds. If the wax hasn’t completely melted, swirl it for another 10 seconds. The wax cubes may also be melted in an oil burner.

What do you use to melt wax melts?

Wax melts are so versatile that they may be used in a variety of ways. Many individuals use wax melts for aromatherapy, while others use them for a variety of other reasons. Wax melts may be burned in a variety of ways. So, let’s see what happens when you burn wax melts.

Warmer for the wax:

Wax warmers are mostly used to melt the wax. You must follow the directions and place the wax melts or cubes in the warmer according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. After some time, the wax in the warmer will have melted.

Oil stove burner:

The wax melts may also be burned on an oil burner. You should avoid using an electric oil burner. Other than that, using wax melts in an oil burner is a breeze.

Microwave and stovetop methods

You may also use the stove technique to burn wax melts. Place the wax melts bowl in the hot water kettle and wait for the wax melts to completely melt. Otherwise, you may burn the wax melts by microwaving them for a few seconds.

How do you use wax melts on an oil burner?

You’ve probably heard a lot about wax melting in an oil burner. However, you must use caution when doing so. So, if you want to utilize wax melts in an oil burner, here’s how to do it.

  • One or more wax melts must be placed in the top bowl of the oil burner.
  • Turn on the oil burner’s candle and set it in the bottom bowl with the other candles. Because the burner is very hot, keep a safe distance from it.
  • Wait until the wax melts are completely melted before proceeding.
  • Allow the fragrance to diffuse and keep the candle burning until the wax melts are completely melted. You may extinguish the candle after it has melted.

Is it possible to burn wax melts on an electric oil burner?

Wax melts may be used in an electric oil burner. However, wax melts should not be used in electric oil burners.

Many products provide both oil and wax burning options. So, after checking the directions, you may use wax melts in such burners. Regular electric oil burners, on the other hand, operate at high temperatures. That high temperature isn’t required for wax.

Wax is a substance that melts at a low temperature.

Wax, on the other hand, does not evaporate. As a result, the wax may not provide you with satisfactory performance. As a result, you should avoid using wax melts with electric oil burners.

How long do wax melts have a lingering odor?

Wax melts often have an odor for 6 to 12 hours. The amount of time it takes is determined by the quality and size of the wax melts. A single wax melt cube of ordinary size may last up to 10 hours.

However, if you use a high-quality, large-sized wax melt, it will last for at least 12 hours. As a result, the timing is uncertain. The average time it takes for an odor to spread is 6 to 10 hours.

How many times can wax melts be re-lit?

The number of times you may relight wax melts is determined by how they are used. Wax melts, in general, do not evaporate. As a result, the wax melts will persist. However, the odor will fade.

As a result, you may relight the wax melts as many times as you like until the scent goes away. However, you should use fresh wax melt cubes rather than combine old and new ones.

Last Thoughts

With caution, the wax may be melted in an oil burner. The wax will melt if it is exposed to heat. As a result, any high temperature may be used. If the oil burner is electric, however, you must use extreme caution. You may also melt wax in an oil burner if it is suited for both oil and wax.