Can Blackout Curtains Be White, Gray, Blue, Or Other Colors?

Given that blackout curtains are designed to keep out light, many people assume that only curtains of a dark tint or black are appropriate for this application. People’s tastes change over time, and you may want to consider hanging brightly colored blackout curtains.

And such tastes may influence your decision on whether blackout curtains should be white, gray, blue, or another hue. So, let’s go ahead and read on to find out the answer to this question.

Can blackout curtains be white, gray, blue, or other colors?

Blackout curtains are available in a variety of fashionable hues, including white, gray, and blue. Blackout curtains are now available in a variety of patterns and colors, including floral designs, all of which have the same light-blocking properties. Blackout curtains can also come with colorful and fashionable headbands that match the color of the curtain itself.

In the past, only black or dark shades of black were used to make blackout curtains because there was a perception that only black/dark or shades of black could block out light from outside.

There has been a lot of change in how people decorate their rooms as time has gone on, though. Blackout curtain makers have modified their color, design, and added pattern as they began to enjoy stylish and beautiful curtains for their rooms.

The curtains are now made in different colors, such as white and gray and blue and other colors. Some of them can be found in floral prints as well.

What Colors Are Available for Blackout Curtains?

Perhaps you’re interested in the range of colors available for blackout shades other than black or shades comparable to black. If you’re still wondering what colors and patterns are available for blackout drapes, look no further. This section has all the details you need.

Blackout curtains in white:

In addition to blackout curtains that block out light from the outside, there are white curtains that do the same thing. There are a lot of people who like white curtains because they make the room look peaceful and calm. So, now, white blackout curtains are also being made. White blackout curtains look good from the road, too.

Black blackout curtains:

Black is usually the color of curtains that block out light. Since the beginning, blackout curtains have been made in a dark color because it’s thought that black or a dark color like black blocks the light and makes the room darker. This is a myth. Therefore, blackout curtains were traditionally and continue to be available in black.

Blackout curtains in blue:

Curtains that block out light also come in blue. You can buy blue curtains that are solid blue, dark blue, light blue, or even blue curtains with blue flowers on them. Previously, dark blue blackout curtains were offered as an alternative to black blackout curtains, since dark blue also blocked sunlight similarly to black. However, light blue curtains are now available in blackout versions as well.

Blackout curtains in gray:

The gray color is also being sold in blackout curtains now. Gray blackout curtains are available with thermal grommet headers or single thermal rod pocket headers. It’s now possible to buy blackout curtains in both solid gray colors and with gray-colored prints.

Blackout curtains in pink:

Don’t be surprised to learn that blackout curtains have come in pink colors as well in the last few years. Pink patterned flowery blackout curtains are still the most popular.

Pink blackout curtains are also available with thermal grommet and rod pocket heads. Make a room look stylish and warm by painting it pink. This is especially true in the spring and summer when the weather is warmer.

Blackout Floral Curtains:

When it comes to making and designing blackout curtains, there are now even different floral patterns. On a solid color background, various types of flowers are printed. They even have a common theme to them. In the summertime, you can find floral-printed blackout curtains that make your room look like it’s in the middle of the day or at night.

Purple Blackout Curtains:

Purple blackout curtains can now be found in stores and on shopping and home decor websites. Those curtains come in a variety of colors and styles. They can be solid or patterned. There are also Jacquard geometric purple-colored curtains. They come in both a set and a single piece.

Blackout curtains in teal:

They’re also making blackout curtains in a teal tint. Some of the most popular blackout curtains are solid teal, dark teal, and light teal-colored ones.

There are even teal-colored blackout curtains with floral or geometric patterns on them that are in style now. You can buy them as one set or just one curtain. In addition, they include thermal grommets, tab tops, and rod pockets.

Blackout curtains in yellow:

Additionally, blackout curtains are available in brighter colors such as yellow. In terms of fashion, the most popular hues right now are mustardy shades of yellow, light shades of yellow, and combinations thereof. In a room, yellow blackout curtains make it look elegant and cozy at the same time.

Blackout Curtains in Green:

Blackout curtains come in a variety of shades of green, including solid, sage, mint, dark, olive, forest, and many more. For a more natural look and feel in a space, go for deeper shades of green for your blackout curtains instead of the more traditional black.

Is it necessary for blackout curtains to be black?

Blackout curtains do not have to be completely black to block out all light and keep rooms cool and gloomy. Blackout curtains may also be light hues such as white, pale yellow, pale pink, dusty pink, pale purple, or pale blue. If you want to make these colors even darker, that’s fine, too.

Any color of blackout curtains will block light as long as the cloth is coated with 2-3 layers of acrylic.

How Effective Are White Blackout Curtains?

Up to 95% of sunlight is blocked by white blackout curtains. The same goes for white blackout curtains, too. They work just as well as black or dark-colored blackout curtains. It is because of this that white blackout curtains, which are similarly constructed of blackout fabric and contain coatings of acrylic. Adequate to block out all the light from outside. In addition, it helps keep the space darker and cooler.

If you want bright or light-colored curtains in your room, you might pick white blackout curtains.

What color should my blackout curtains be?

A blackout curtain should match the rest of your room’s decorations and vibe. The color should also be in line with your tastes. However, below, we show you what colors of blackout curtains you should use in different rooms of your home, so you can choose the right ones for each.

The bedroom:

For the bedroom, you may choose curtains that are light-colored or white to keep out the sun. It’s because white and natural-colored blackout curtains give the bedroom a soothing and calm vibe that everyone wants after a long day at work.

It’s also possible to choose blackout curtains if you’re looking for total darkness in your bedroom, such as dark blue/dark green.

In this case, if your room’s walls are gentle colors like white or cream or light gray, then you should choose blackout curtains in darker colors like navy blue or black. These curtains will help keep the light out of your room.

The living room:

You can choose light-colored blackout curtains to match the natural light that comes into the living room to give it a cozy feel. These curtains can be white or even cream or light yellow. These will block the sun and make your living room look cozier.

It’s also a good idea to choose light colors or white curtains for your living room if you have a lot of furniture, or if the living room has a glamorous vibe. Since it will make your space look bigger, not crammed.

For a flowery vibe that goes well with your living room’s flower decor or floral-printed furniture or furniture covers, choose floral-printed blackout curtains for your home.

The private corner:

To create a private room or to make the room darker, choose dark blue curtains or dark teal curtains. You can also choose dark green curtains or dark blue curtains if you want to make the room even darker.

What Color Is Best for Blackout Curtains?

Any color that is darker than white is the perfect color for curtains that block out the sun. For example, blackout curtains are intended to block out all of the sunlight that comes in from outside and keep your room dark. Darker-colored curtains would be ideal for this because they would keep the room dark.

When it comes to blackout curtains, you have the option of selecting from a wide range of dark shades, including black, navy blue, deep blue, dark gray, deep green, deep teal, and deep purple.

In this case, dark colors will completely block out light and give you the best protection from too much sun.

Should the back of blackout curtains be white or black?

To stop the most amount of sunlight from peeking through windows, blackout curtains should be backed with a white or black fabric. They can’t block out light if they don’t have a white or black back. As a result, white or black background with two or three passes is needed.

What Is the Difference Between Blackout and Blockout Curtains?

Most people don’t know the difference between lockout and blackout curtains. Blockout curtains don’t completely block out light from coming into the room from the outside.

There is a chance that some light could get through lockout curtains. Blackout curtains, on the other hand, make sure to block 99% of the light. People who live in dark rooms can’t see any light through blackout curtains or curtains that block out all light.

How Do You Make Good Blackout Curtains?

Three tips for styling blackout curtains are shown below.

  • When you choose a fabric, look for one that is thick and heavy.
  • Take a look at blackout curtains with drapes.
  • Double curtain rods are ideal for hanging blackout curtains.

There are more and more blackout curtains that come in a variety of colors as well as black. This is because they used to only come in black. In this case, you can choose blackout curtains that are light or dark in color, based on your taste and home’s decor.