Are Blackout Curtains the Same as Thermal?

If you work nights or have a difficult sleeping pattern, excellent window coverings such as blackout curtains will not jeopardize your daytime sleeping experience.

The ideal night’s sleep can only be guaranteed with curtains that have insulating and thermal characteristics built into them, ensuring both warmth and comfort in the winter and summer.

Both blackout and thermal curtains are quite helpful when used properly, but understanding both of their characteristics may help you pick realistically and efficiently.

Are Blackout Curtains the Same as Thermal?

They’re not the same thing. Blackout curtains are not like thermal curtains. Curtains made for different reasons and made to be used were two of the main things that made the two curtains different. However, these curtains do a lot of the same things, like blocking the heat, keeping the lights out, muffling the noise, and keeping the room warm.

What exactly are thermal curtains?

Curtains that are called thermal curtains are window coverings that keep out cold air and are very energy-efficient. Some of them are created from cotton, polyester, and other things that are put together in different ways.

During the winter, thermal curtains keep the room warm. They also help keep the room cooler in the summer by not letting the cool air from the air conditioner escape.

In addition, on the side of these curtains that faces the window, acrylic foam is used to protect it from the sun’s rays, as well. In addition to muffled sound, thermal curtains can also help darken the room to a certain point.

Are blackout curtains same as thermal?

They’re not the same thing. Blackout curtains are not like thermal curtains. Blackout curtains are different from thermal curtains in terms of how long they last, how they are made, and how they are used.

Because blackout curtains are composed of fabrics that are very densely woven together, they allow very little light to enter your room via the curtains.

Sunlight is blocked by blackout curtains. In the summer, they also keep heat from getting in. When these curtains are put up, they can help cool down the room and work the same way as thermal curtains. Thus, blackout curtains may function similarly to thermal curtains.

Is it true that all blackout curtains are thermal?

In some cases, blackout curtains don’t also keep the heat in. The primary function of blackout curtains is to block out all light, whereas thermal curtains are designed to provide insulation and maintain a comfortable temperature in the summer and winter.

All blackout curtains can’t be thermal, so that’s why they can’t be. If you want to keep the heat outside of your home, you should use thermal curtains instead of blackout curtains.

Because some blackout curtains use insulating materials, they can also be used as thermal curtains, which keep the heat out of your home.

How are blackout and thermal curtains different?

You can use blackout and thermal curtains in your home both as decorative pieces and as things that help you stay warm. While blackout and thermal curtains have many similarities, they also vary in several ways.


As you can see, the main difference between blackout curtains and thermal curtains is that blackout curtains are made to keep out light. Blackout curtains are produced mostly to keep out light.

On the other hand, thermal curtains are designed to keep the room warm during the winter and cool in summer, which is the primary goal of their construction.

Fabric and Materials

There are also big differences between blackout curtains and thermal curtains when it comes to how they are made. People use blackout curtains to keep out light. They are made of felt, velvet, dense, and triple woven fabric.

There are also thermal curtains, which are made of polyester, cotton, wool, and other materials that keep heat out. They also have thermal insulation materials, linings, and three or two layers of heavy fabric that are three or four inches thick.

The cleaning process:

These curtains are very different because the way they are cleaned is very different.

To clean the blackout curtains, you must clean them with wet cloths. If you want to keep your curtains from getting dirty, don’t put them in a washing machine or bleach them or iron them!

There are also thermal curtains that can be dry-cleaned as well as cleaned with a sponge or cloth. These curtains can be washed once a year, unlike blackout curtains that can’t be washed. They can also be bleached.

Heat resistance:

Blackout and thermal curtains are very different when it comes to how well they can keep the heat out. Thermal curtains are created to keep out both heat and cold.

This makes thermal curtains more resistant to the effects of the heat and better at insulating the home.

This means that the blackout curtains will be able to keep the heat in the room down by 24%. Thermal curtains, on the other hand, are much better at blocking heat than blackout curtains are.

Resistance to sound and light:

Thermal curtains with numerous layers are better at blocking sound than blackout curtains. The reason for this is that blackout curtains aren’t designed to minimize noise.

Thermal curtains aren’t good at blocking out all the light, but blackout curtains are perfect for blocking out all the light that you don’t need.

Which is best, blackout or thermal curtains?

They are both very good at what they were made for.

With blackout curtains, there’s no better way to block out light from outside. They can also block out sunlight and street lights. Thermal curtains, on the other hand, are a superior choice for optimal insulation.

Thermal curtains, on the other hand, can be a little more convenient because they have many layers, which make them thick, insulating, and resistant to heat and sound.

Do blackout or room-darkening curtains keep heat out?

If you’re looking to keep the heat out, blackout or room-darkening curtains are a great option! So, there isn’t a lot of space between the blackout curtains because they are very tightly made.

Because blackout curtains or curtains that make the room darken are made of materials that reflect heat or block the sun, they help keep the temperature in the room low.

Blackout curtains’ ability to keep the heat out is also dependent on the color of the materials. As the color of the blackout curtains gets lighter, the more likely it is to reflect the heat that comes from outside and make it cooler inside. As a result, the living area remains cooler throughout the summer.

Do blackout curtains keep the cold out?

Thermal curtains are better at blocking the cold than blackout curtains, but they aren’t as good at blocking the cold as blackout curtains.

To keep the light or sunlight entering your room, curtains that are only meant to keep it dark are not made with thermal materials inside them.

As for thermal curtains, they can have as many as four to five layers. Blackout curtains are generally made of two layers. It means that blackout curtains will surely keep out cold and try to keep the room’s heat. However, it doesn’t keep the heat out.

Do blackout curtains reduce noise?

Blackout curtains can cut out up to 30% to 40% of the sound. There are thick blackout curtains that have a coating on the side that is near the window. This can help to keep the noise from coming through.

They can take in the echoes and cut down on the noise from traffic. However, they aren’t very effective or functional.

Also, because blackout curtains are meant to keep light outside your room, they aren’t as soundproof as sound-proofing curtains.

Blackout curtains are great and functional. It can muffle the sounds and you can buy blackout curtains made of thicker and more flexible materials.

Is a blackout curtain help to save more energy?

Using a blackout curtain, you can save a lot of energy. During the summer, blackout curtains will keep the heat out of the room, and they can also keep the room warm during the winter.

The heaters and air conditioning unit are going to use less electricity if they do this. Blackout curtains, on the other hand, can cut down on the amount of energy that is wasted by 25%.

These curtains can be used as insulation so you don’t have to burn your wallet for insulation and thermostats, so you can save money. As time goes on, this will help to cut down on the electricity bills.

How does a blackout curtain help save more energy?

Because they cut down on the use of air conditioners and thermostats. So, blackout curtains save energy.

In the winter, 30% of the energy that comes from thermostats or radiators is wasted. Because the blackout curtains are produced using tightly woven, only a little air can get through them. This means that less heat is needed to keep the room warm.

A lot of sunlight comes into your room through your window in the summer. This can make your room warmer because so much of it comes in through the window.

By having a blackout curtain, it is possible to cut down on the amount of UV light and sunlight that comes into your room, which makes your room cooler. Because of this, you can save more energy.

As a final note, blackout curtains are the best way to keep street lights, traffic lights, sunlight, and ultraviolet rays out from your home.

For example: if you want a lot of functionality, but not a lot of extra work or money, then it is time to find out a way to combine both curtains’ materials.