Are Blackout Curtains Heavy? Lets Check the Fact

A blackout curtain stops sunlight and ultraviolet rays from getting into your room. This helps you save money on energy costs because fewer sun rays and UV rays get into your room. The sun can also damage your floors and furniture.

People can buy many different kinds of fabric, from plastic-like polyester to soft, less static-prone options. You can use them in places where you watch movies, like TV rooms. They are a little more expensive than other curtains. So, how much weight do these curtains have? We’ll find out!

Are blackout curtains heavy?

Blackout curtains are often heavier than other kinds of curtains due to the use of thick fabric in their room-darkening mechanism. How much weight it has also depends on what kind of fabric it is made out of, so They are still lighter than drapes because drapes have many layers of fabric.


The fabric must be thick enough to keep light rays from getting through. this is why all blackout curtains are mostly made of strong and durable fabric. If your blackout curtains are made of different materials, this also plays a role. If the material is thicker than it is thin, it will protect you better from sun rays.

What is the weight of blackout curtains?

Your blackout curtains’ weight will be determined by the fabric and liner they’re made of. It varies according to the brand and kind of material utilized. The lightest blackout drapes weigh just 4 pounds, while the heaviest ones weigh up to 20 pounds.

Heavy or interlined:

In this case, they will be heavier. When you use polyester or cotton to make blackout curtains, they are going to be very heavy. Additionally, if they have numerous layers, they will be heavier. Depending on the thickness of the interlining, the blackout lining may weigh between 6 and 10 ounces per square yard.

Extremely lightweight:

Modern blackout curtains are constructed using innovative technologies and materials that enable them to be lightweight. If you buy the appropriate ones, they may block out as much light as thick ones. They will weigh between 5 and 10 pounds. They will be lighter than cotton ones.

What is the average weight of curtains?

To figure out how heavy curtains are, you need to know how much weight each piece of fabric has. You also need to know how many widths of fabric there are in each piece. They have different weights. The weight ranges from 2kgs to 12kgs. Curtains weighing between 2 and 4 kilograms are considered reasonably light, however, curtains weighing more than 8 kilograms might be difficult to clean. Some curtains weigh less than 1kg, while others can weigh more than 14kg.

The drop of the curtain can be anywhere from 130cm to 400cm. The weight of the curtain increases linearly with its length.

What are the materials used to make blackout curtains?

Polyester, or a mix of polyester and cotton.

Most people use this type of car. They are constructed by layering fabric with black foam to provide the blackout effect. It can block up to 90 percent of the sun. Some of them also come with ways to keep the heat out.

Blackout curtains should be made of polyester because it is durable and strong. They are also cheap. They are very easy to clean and can help keep fabrics from shrinking and wrinkling, which makes them last longer. Because it requires less maintenance, it is ideal for bedrooms as well as living areas.


Nylon fabric is more durable and resilient than cotton. Because it is made of synthetic fibers, it is prone to sensitivity. They are soft, flexible, and thin. Because of this, they fall towards the “lighter” section of the blackout curtain spectrum.

These are often used with polyester to make high-quality blackout curtains that block out light. They keep your house cooler while still allowing for some natural light.

Are special curtain rods required for blackout curtains?

Special curtain rods may be required depending on the kind of rod you presently have and the weight of the blackout curtains. To hang blackout curtains, you may need different curtain rods because blackout curtains can be a lot heavier than standard curtain rods, so you might need heavier rods to hold them.

Not every curtain rod can be used with blackout curtains. Heavy blackout curtains will not be able to be held up by thin curtain rods, because they are not strong enough. For sheer curtains, they are better than the other types of blinds. If you want to hang heavier curtains, you’ll need heavier rods.

Your curtains could fall off at any time if the curtain rods don’t hold them in place well. Curtain rods come in a variety of styles. Double, combination, return, and wraparound are the types of curtains that are suited for blackout curtains. Wire or cable rods should never be used because they are only good for curtains that aren’t very heavy.

Which curtain rod should I use with blackout curtains?

Due to the weight of blackout curtains, you might need strong rods to hold them in place. Make a list of all the curtain rods you currently own. Place them on the rods to observe whether they bend slightly. If it does, you’ll need a rod that is sturdier and stronger to use. It is more durable to use thick curtain rods than to use regular curtain rods.

You can choose a double rod. They can be twice as strong as regular curtains. They must have a thickness of at least one inch. For blackout curtain rods, steel is the finest material option. Plastic curtain rods won’t be able to hold the blackout curtains.

You can also buy a return rod or a rod that wraps around. These stop lights from coming in from the sides. They feature smooth ends that allow the curtains to slip entirely against the wall. This keeps light from coming in through the sides.

Can tension rods support blackout curtains?

Whether or not your tension rod can support blackout curtains is determined by their weight and the tension rod’s load capacity. There are two kinds of tension rods: the kind that can hold about 20 pounds, and the kind that can hold a lot more. Some other rods are stronger. These aren’t as strong.

Curtains that block out the sun’s rays are very heavy. Tension rods must be strong enough if the weight goes over 20 pounds. They can hold up to 30 pounds because they have more advanced features. Check the weight capacity of your tension rod, since heavier curtains may fall, cause damage to the walls, and possibly result in harm.

What is the best method for hanging blackout curtains?

The old way:

The first thing to do before drilling is to measure. Decide how high and far the curtain rod should go. Add screws where you want. When you start drilling, make a pilot hole. Then, make a bigger hole for your anchor to fit into. With a screwdriver, attach curtain rings and then the mounting bracket. When you put the blackout curtains on the rod, twist the knobs to close them. The last thing to do is to put the curtain rod in and then hang it.

Make use of a tension rod:

This is a simple method for hanging blackout curtains without a lot of effort. It doesn’t need any complicated measurements to put in. They are reversible and may be stretched from side to side.

You should get a tension rod that matches the size of your window frame. Screw the rod into the window frame to see if it fits. Then simply remove the rod, thread the curtain onto it, and re-insert it into the window frame.

What is the best way to clean blackout curtains at home?

If you don’t want to go to the store to clean your blackout curtains, you can do it at home. Each blackout fabric is unique, which means they must be cleaned differently.

Every time you clean something by yourself, make sure to read the care instructions first. You may clean it with a vacuum cleaner before proceeding to a thoroughly clean wash. It will collect any dirt, dust, and allergies that have accumulated on the curtains.

You can also use laundry detergent and a cloth to remove all the stains on your fabrics. If you want to clean your blackout curtains, don’t use bleach or anything else that’s very strong.

Do not use a lot of water to clean your curtains. Add a tiny quantity of soap to a tub of warm water. The curtains should be squeezed to eliminate any dirt, dust, or allergies that they may have picked up. Do it slowly. Remove as much water as possible from the fabric and rinse it well with clean water.

There’s no need to clean it very well every day. Make sure to clean your blackout curtains once a week or once a month to keep them fresh and clean. But don’t forget to vacuum every week or so.

Can I machine-wash blackout curtains?

Unfortunately, many individuals have had bad experiences trying to wash blackout curtains in their washing machines. Rubber-backed or woven triple-weave cloth blackout curtains may be washed in the dishwasher. But you’ll need to take extra care.

Always wash your clothes with cold water and in a gentle way. Use a little amount of detergent and wash only in a front-loading washing machine. Additionally, blackout curtains made of garment fabric may be washed.

However, they should also be gently washed in cold water on the gentle cycle to eliminate any dust or hangings. The same care is applicable for various varieties of blackout curtains, including velvet and dry-clean only.

A lot depends on what kind of curtains you have and how well they are made. It will be a mess if the back is sprayed with paint. Additionally, the backing might shred to pieces, which is why it is critical to wash your blackout curtains carefully. The curtain’s black side can also get dirty. This could happen if you use a washing machine. It would be better not to use it.

Heavy curtains may be difficult and time-consuming to clean, although weight is not an issue when selecting curtains. There is a good chance that interlining them will make them heavier. If you don’t like how heavy they are, you can always go with a lighter fabric instead. Curtains that block out light come in a variety of styles, so you can choose the ones that are right for you.