Can Duvet Covers Be Recycled? Ways to Reuse

Designer duvet covers make the duvet look better. Also, duvet covers keep the duvet and comforter clean and safe. Generally speaking, duvet covers are simple to remove and use. In addition, they are easy to clean.

Duvet covers, on the other hand, are more costly than normal covers. For that reason, you might not want to get rid of the duvet cover if you could use it for something else. So, you might not be sure if you can recycle duvet covers or not.

But let’s look at how the duvet covers can be used again.

Can duvet covers be recycled?

There are many ways to reuse a duvet cover. You can use old duvet covers to make things that are both pretty and useful. You can use them to make cushion covers. You can also make bags for clothes, bags for decorations and many others. You can also make mats and rugs out of the duvet covers.

Most duvet covers have different prints on them that are pretty. The duvet cover can also be made to look beautiful by adding patterns to it. So, you can recycle the duvet cover when you don’t want to use it anymore.

After you cut and sew them, you can reuse them in different ways.

How can duvet covers be reused?

You could reuse or resell the duvet covers. Also, when you don’t know what to do with the duvet covers, the list below might give you some ideas.

Throw pillow covers:

If you put clothes with prints or patterns on cushion covers, they can look nice. Even if the cushions already have covers, putting different clothes on them will change how they look.

This means that the duvet cover may be trimmed under each cushion’s cover size. This will give the cushion covers a pretty, colorful look.


It is possible to use the duvet cover to make different kinds of bags. For example, duvet covers can be used to make clothing bags. Cut and stitch the duvet cover to a bag’s measurements.

You may build five or more clothing bags from a duvet cover.

Also, you can use the duvet covers to make drawstring bags for toys. These bags make it so easy to clean up around the house.

The bags need to be cut in the same way that garment bags are cut. But the bag needs strings.

Rugs and mats:

You can also reuse the duvet cover by making mats and rugs out of it. It’s easy to make mats and rugs. You just need to stay the right size. Additionally, you may use two or even three layers of cloth to create a thicker appearance for the mats and rugs.

Table runners:

Table runners are a great way to repurpose duvet covers. Runners are long pieces of fabric that can be made easily from old duvet covers. A table runner can add style and decoration to your dining table.

Can I throw away my duvet cover?

You can’t throw away a duvet cover. Most of the time, garbage collectors don’t take clothes and fabrics from homes. These clothes and fabrics shouldn’t be thrown away with other trash. So, a duvet cover can’t go in the trash.

Before you throw the duvet cover in the trash, you have to get rid of it. The best option is to donate or recycle the duvet covers. You may have clue about how to reuse your duvet cover already.

You can also give the duvet covers to people who need them for different things.

How should old duvet covers be thrown away?

Your old duvet covers should not be thrown away in the trash or any other unattractive location. So, you should throw away old duvet covers the right way. Now, let’s look at the several options you have for getting rid of your old duvet covers.


You can make new things out of old duvet covers, like cushion covers, rugs, table runners, and so on.


If there is a textile recycling center in your area, you can give them your duvet covers.


You can give the duvet covers to people who are poor or living on the streets.

Charity Stores:

Duvet covers can be donated to charity stores or clothing banks.

Helping animals:

You can also donate them to groups that help animals.

Does a charity shop accept duvet covers?

Several charity shops may be wanting to get duvet covers that are still in good shape. In some cases, charity stores refuse to accept duvet covers because they are too old and worn out. Also, some thrift stores don’t have enough room to store old duvet covers.

You can give duvet covers to a charity shop if you can find one that will take them. But the duvet covers have to be in good shape and be able to be used.

Can you donate a duvet cover to a clothes bank?

Yes, duvet covers can be given to clothing banks. Duvets are often taken, but pillows and duvet covers aren’t always.

But the clothes banks pay attention to how the duvet covers look. Some clothing banks may not accept outdated or useless duvet covers. But if they are still in good shape, you can give them to a clothes bank.

Do charities for animals accept old duvet covers?

Yes, many organizations that help small animals will accept old duvet covers. In most cases, duvets are not suitable for use due to their lack of hygienic properties. But small animal charities like duvet covers are in good shape.

Some organizations that help big animals might not want your old duvet covers. Small charities, on the other hand, will gladly accept animal duvet coverings.

How often should a duvet cover be replaced?

Every 5 years, you should buy a new duvet cover. Some duvet covers get dirty quickly. Getting messy is more likely when there are children around. You should thus consider purchasing a new cover for your duvet on an annual basis.

There are times when duvet covers are rarely used. So, there’s not much chance of getting dirty. As a result, you may not need to replace the cover each year. The duvet cover may last up to five years with careful washing and maintenance. So, after 5 years, you can buy a new duvet cover.


There are many ways to reuse a duvet cover. The duvet cover can be used to make a lot of pretty and useful things. Duvet covers may be used to produce a variety of home decor items, such as pillowcases, buntings, table runners, and tote bags. Additionally, donating the duvet cover is one option for getting rid of it.