Why Does the Bathroom Sink Gurgle?

Your bathroom sink may be making a gurgling sound. It might happen if you shower or flush the toilet, for example.

So, you’re probably curious about why your bathroom sink is making a glug-glug noise and how to stop it. Let’s go through each of your questions one by one.

Why does the bathroom sink gurgle?

If the venting mechanism is blocked, the bathroom sink creates a gurgling sound. A pocket of air may build around a blockage in your pipes, allowing trapped air to rise as water drains down the drains. The bathroom sink begins to gurgle as a consequence of the air displacement.

What causes the gurgling in my bathroom sink drain?

There are a variety of reasons why the bathroom sink drain is gurgling. When any section of the drainages is completely or partly clogged, this happens.

Let’s look at all of the possible causes for the bathroom sink drain to gurgle.

Plumbing vent gets clogged:

The plumbing vent is designed to allow air to travel down drains without interfering with the flow of water. It is usually found in roofs, and it may get clogged over time for a variety of causes.

When the plumbing vent is blocked, the plumbing system will not work correctly. Because the bathroom sink gurgles, a clogging of the plumbing vent may result in a gurgling sound if the water does not flow correctly and air enters the pipe.

Drains get clogged:

Blocked up or clogged drains are the most main causes of gurgling noises in bathroom sinks. An air pocket may occur if the drains are clogged.

As a result, as water goes down the drain, sewer air rises into the pipe, causing a gurgling sound.

Though if the plumbing vents seem to be in great shape, if a hairball falls down the bathroom sink, it can stop up the drain line. Thousands of hairs fall into the sink every time you wash your face, and the drain becomes blocked quickly.

Inadequate ventilation:

The plumbing system of the bathroom sink will not operate correctly if the bathroom vents are not adequate. The trapped air within the sink pipes will not escape due to the lack of vents.

As a consequence, when water goes through the pipe, it makes a gurgling noise.

The P-Trap problem:

By producing a water barrier, the P-Trap shields your home from smells by preventing sewage gas escaping from your drains. The trap is a curved section of pipe that holds a little quantity of water and effectively prevents air and gas from escaping through the sink.

As a result of an issue with the pipe’s P-Trap closure, the drain will be exposed to sewage gas if it is not properly sealed. As a consequence, as the water goes down the drain, gas and air will aggressively rise, causing a gurgling noise.

How do you stop a bubbling bathroom sink?

The gurgling sound that comes from your bathroom sink might be annoying. It may distract people from the bathroom’s beauty. With a little work and patience, you can get the bathroom sink to stop gurgling.

To stop your bathroom sink from gurgling, take these steps:

Identify the cause of the gurgle:

To prevent the bathroom from making gurgling noises, you’ll need to figure out what’s causing it. Detecting the source of the bathroom sink gurgling is the easiest approach to figure out what’s causing it.

If your sink gurgles while you’re using it, the problem might be the sink and drain line that flows from it. When the water is emptied, the gurgling sounds from that particular sink will stop.

But if you drain your tub and hear a noise coming from your sink when you do, then you need to fix the main vent. It’s a sign that there’s a major issue that needs to be handled right immediately.

Clear the drain line and vent using a plumbing snake:

If there is a clog in your drain line, remove the drain plate. Then use a snake to push it through. Also, you can put the snake in a small drain outside your house and push it through the sewer system towards the street.

If the gurgling sound seems to be caused by a clog on the roof vent, spray it down to remove any collected debris. A sewer auger may assist you to remove the clog by making your way down from the roof vent outlet to the blockage.

As a result, you’ll need to clean the drain and vent with care and patience. It might be a time-consuming and difficult process otherwise.

Work on the primary vent:

You’ll need to work on the central vent if the gurgling sound persists after cleaning the drainpipe. The main vent issue can happen when you flush the toilet and hear gurgling noises in a separate sink from a different location.

The main vent is a bit harder to clean than other pipes and vents. If you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of cleaning it yourself, you should hire a professional.

When your bathroom sink pipes gurgle, what does it mean?

The most frequent cause of gurgling in your bathroom sink is air bubbles pushing up from inside the drain. When a blockage occurs in a sink pipe, air pockets may develop and surround the blockage.

As a consequence, the trapped air rises with the water, resulting in a gurgling sound that is clearly heard.

Besides the water lines, some pipes go to the roof for ventilation and airflow. These passageways allow gases from the sewage line to escape via the roof vents.

Some vents let gasses out of the house. When those vents get blocked, gasses are pushed back down into the lines and reach the drain, making gurgling noises.

When I shower, why does my bathroom sink gurgle?

When the bathroom sink gurgles while you’re showering, it means there’s an issue with the bathroom’s primary vent or drainage system.

The water will not correctly flow down the drain if there is a block in the bathroom drain or vent, then an air pocket will build on the blockage. This air pocket may cause air and gas to flow up through the pipe in the sink, causing it to gurgle.

When I flush the toilet, why does my bathroom sink gurgle?

Once the toilet is flushed, the bathroom sink gurgles, usually because there is an obstruction inside the line that goes to the sewage tank.

An air vacuum is created when the line connecting to the sewage tank becomes blocked. When the toilet’s water and waste pass it through an air vacuum, air rises via the pipe. As a consequence, the bathroom emits a foul stench, making the sink gurgle.

When the washer empties, why does my bathroom sink gurgle?

When the washer flushes, your bathroom sink will create a gurgling sound, which indicates that air is being pumped back through to the tube. The major cause for this is that the drainpipe on the washing machine was installed incorrectly.

Air is released at a high rate and pressure by the washing machine. Air will escape via the bathroom sink if the pipe is not properly linked to the drainage system, causing a gurgling sound.

When the heater is turned on, why does my bathroom sink gurgle?

To release the air, a heater’s releasing pipe is commonly linked to the bathroom sink’s drain pipe. The heater will not ordinarily blast air through the pipe when there is water stuck in it.

In such situation, the heater’s released air that will collide with the retained water, resulting in a gurgling sound in the bathroom sink.

Is a gurgling sink a great problem?

The gurgling sink indicates that there is a major issue with the sewage system. It isn’t always harmful. However, the water will not run down into the drain at a normal rate, releasing an unpleasant odor into your bathroom.

Is it possible to pour hot water into the bathroom sink?

It is never a good idea to put boiling water in your bathroom sink. The bathroom sink’s piping is composed of PVC, which cannot resist high temperatures. When you pour hot water inside the sink, the PVC pipe can melt and the seals are broken.

What can you put in the bubbling bathroom sink?

Because of its material, the bathroom sink pipe is quite vulnerable. Here are a few items you can throw down the bubbling bathroom sink safely:

  • Plunger
  • Sewer auger
  • Snake for plumbing
  • Chemical remedies

Are the drains in the shower and the sink connected?

There are usually two separate drains for the shower and the sink. This helps keep the drainage system from getting clogged up. The drains of the shower and sink may, however, be linked if the range between them is less than 5 feet.

Last Thoughts:

If there is a problem with the air circulation inside the drainpipe, the bathroom sink will gurgle. An air pocket will occur as a result of a clog in the drainage system. A gurgling sound will be produced when air passes through the pipe. With a few easy actions, though, you may easily avoid gurgling in the sink.